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100+ Happy Workers Day Messages, Wishes To Send To Friends And Colleagues.


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Happy Workers Day Nigerians. May 1st is a day set aside worker’s day to celebrate workers all around the world. Labour Day, May Day, Workers Day are use interchangeably to describe the day.

Whether it’s your friends, colleagues, employees or loved ones you want to join the rest of the world in appreciating these set of people who through their efforts make the world a better place for us all. LS Relationship Blog has compiled the best Workers Day Messages and Wishes for this perfect occasion.


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100+ Happy Workers Day Messages, Wishes



Happy workers day text messages100+ Happy Workers Day Messages, Wishes To Send To Friends And Colleagues.

1. You have not been lazy during the year. You have worked and toiled so hard. You will live long to enjoy the fruits of your labour. Happy workers day!

2. Do you know that without work you will not eat? That is why you realize the importance of work and you have toiled. May the remainder of your year be filled with less toil and more fun. God be with you. Happy new month and happy workers day!

3. May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you and your family this new month and the rest of the year. Happy workers day Fam. God be with you!

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4. Count your blessings and name them one by one. You will just be surprised at the blessings of God in your life. Happy new month and happy international workers day. have a blast!

5. Remember the blessings of God will always be with those who wait! Happy International labour day. I will see you soon!

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6. Be grateful in everything
Be thankful for anything
God see your hard work and will bless you soon
Have a blast and enjoy day
happy International labour day

7. He has promised he will never fail
When we call on him he will answer us
God has to us to cast all the burdens of our labour on him
And he will support us every step of the way
God will support you and your family this new month
Happy International labour day
God be with you

8. In everything you are blessed
The work of your hands is blessed
Your family is also blessed
This day and forever
Happy International labour day
Have fun

9. This year your life will never remain the same
This year you will be blessed in different ways
This year the love will heal you from so much pain
This year all your pain will just turn to gain
Happy international workers day
God be with you

10. God will perfect everything in your life
You will not labour in vain
God will bless everything you lay your hands on
You will be blessed in a very special way
God will lay his hands of healing on you and your family
You will be astonished when the blessings start pouring in
God will favour you more each passing
Because it is a new month and you prayed in a different way

Happy Workers Day Inspirational Messages

11. Hard-work does not mean you are overusing yourself, it means you are liberating a brighter future from today. Happy workers’ day.

12. Every season has its special day, today is the workers’ day. Things may not be fine but our hope in what we believe in will lead us a path of success.

13. The sunshine of the new day is yours to grab, may your job be blessed. Happy Labour Day to everybody out there.

14. Labour may be somehow tedious, but when done at the appropriate time in the best approach, you will live to enjoy it.

15. Hello, put smile all over your face because a bad day at work is better than a good day in hell. Happy workers’ day.

16. Thank you for the good service you render for our nation, we will live to remember your effort forever.

17. End of labor is like a fiesta that took place in a paradise. Happiness and smile flow on people’s cheeks.

18. I hope you will commit to being more active than ever as we open another chapter of the workers’ day.

19. Today is another opportunity to show the Nigerian leaders that a laborer is very important just as they recognized it too. Happy Labourer’s day.

20. I am pleased to send an awesome greeting and fresh wishes to the entire workers in the world today.

21. Wishing every one of you a fantastic labor day, may your job profit you as you wish. Happy to hear from you once again.

22. I am happy that everyone here is smiling. Thank God for sparing your life for another workers’ day, may you live long to celebrate more of it.

23. Be happy today because there is nothing as sweet as freedom. When the job is available let’s do it until it is done.

24. You can’t be deprived of your right though labor means you should be strong in doing your job perfectly.

25. May you all triumph in anything you are doing. As you celebrate this special, I pray that your heart desires be fulfilled for you.

26. Your labor will not go in vain, it will yield lots of fruits for our nation’s growth and every one of us will benefit from it.

27. Happy workers’ day, may the new beginning of a new season favor you beyond your expectations.

28. It is not easy to cross over a season into another, but thank God you are alive today to celebrate this holiday.



29. Even birds need freedom; I am so happy that you are free today. Enjoy your holiday with your beauty. Have the best time.

30. I am celebrating you for this wonderful day on this day. May your prayers be answered. I wish you more success to come.

31. Enjoy this wonderful moment of your life. It is your free time; make the biggest deal out of it. Happy workers’ day.

32. Congratulations on this breathtaking season. You are highly welcome home to enjoy your stay with us.

33. Find the blessing of the Lord in your job today as you engage in the celebration of a new dawn of the working days.

34. Thank God for this special moment, your effort will yield many benefits for you and your family. Happy Workers’ day.

35. Labour’s day is a new day for the renewal of creativity and to persuade the workers to do more jobs for the benefit of the nation.

36. You are valuable to our country so we need to celebrate this beautiful. We celebrate you because you are the most important workers in our nation.

37. Today we are celebrating the entire workers in the world, without them, I wonder how poor this country will be. Happy workers’ day.

38. Work hard to get the best; those that are productive make it most in life. We celebrate every one of you on this great day.

39. You are an able body and it is with the motive we chose to commemorate with you today for being the bride winner of the family.

40. Idleness is closer to slavery if you have no job doing everyone takes you for granted. Have a wonderful labor’s day.

41. Workers are magnificent people; they sacrifice their time to make sure that the nation becomes wealthy.

42. Those with a job doing should be endorsed with all possibility. Enjoy yourself because you are soldiers of all nations.

43. These laborers are the warriors that bring food to the homeland; they have to be rewarded with lots of valuables that have no limit.

44. My entire salutations go to the great people of this motherland; your hard labors will never perish in vain. Congratulations on your day.

45. We ought to enjoy this nice day of freedom. Freedom is a pleasurable experience that everyone needs to actualize. Happy workers’ day.

46. If you are a worker, it means you are part of the reasons why we have a great nation. Happy Labours’ day.

47. You deserve all the honor of this wonderful day. May you feel the charm of this precious day. You are perfectly perfect for the day.

48. The journey of labor is certain that it involves a lot of pains, but if you can endure you will enjoy it for long.

49. Happy workers’ day, your day is here. We are as happy for you as you are a great impact on this world.

50. May the brightness of the sunshine reach down to your heart to purify your heart for a better active year of service to the nation.



Happy workers Day messages for Girlfriend

51. In as much as I love you, I still want to congratulate you on this wonderful day in your lifetime. Happy Labour Day.

52. Thank you for the love you shower on me like a dropping rain. If not for your effort and hard work, I wonder what this world will look like when I lost my job.

53. I am overwhelmed with joy on this day because the lady I cherish most is celebrating the Labour Day in good health.

54. Happy workers’ Day, it is my pleasure to send you lots of pecks and hugs on this special day of your life. I love you.

55. I am always amazed to see your work as a man all over the year. This is a sign of good wife material. Our nation will never forget important people like you.

56. You have always been a good Doctor full of love and sympathy. Even on a Labour Day, you still can’t skip your job.

57. Thank God you are alive to witness the golden moment in this season. I hope you will find this time as sweet as supposed.

58. I am sending a lovely message to you as a sign of the love I have for you. May this holiday be a favorable experience for you.

59. I am so happy that I have you in my life; such is a great privilege that is rare in life. I wish you all the best now and forever.

60. Wishing you a sweet moment that will shine forever. You are a great example for anyone who wishes to become productive. Happy Labour Day.

61. This is your day, a day set aside to celebrate the entire workers all over the world because they are like the spinal cord of the nation. Happy workers day my heartbeat.

62. Good to hear that today is another opportunity to endorse the workers for the good job they have been performing since these years. Happy Labour Day.

63. I love you so much; this is why I am praying that goodness will reach you today to sadness, love not hatred, joy and not agony. Happy workers’ day.

64. All my wishes for you this day are many—among them are a peaceful heart, rest of mind, joy, love that does not end and above all excitement.

65. Have one of the most interesting days today been the most remarkable days for workers all over the world. I wish you all the best.

66. Thank God for sparing your life up till this moment. May you find this bright day a common satisfaction for you.

67. I want to say happy Labour Day to my woman; she is my glory and the best friend I have seen ever. I love you.

68. You smile is as powerful as the glow of the sun, it makes me want to embrace you. I love you and will like to say happy workers’ Day.

69. Thank God you are my queen. Living with you is a great gift for me. I will always love you no matter the situation in the ground. I just want to say, happy workers day.

70. You have always been the most beautiful princess in my life. I love you because you are part of the laborers who make this world a great place to live.

71. This is the day the Lord has brought. It will surely profit you to the end because it is one of the most precious moments ever.

72. Thank you for your understanding since these days, I really appreciate your way of life. Thank God it is workers’ Day, congratulations.

73. I want to be happy always. It is my joy that it is you that I want to be my wife to give birth to my kids. Happy holiday.

74. Happy workers day, you will live long to celebrate many to come. Your activeness in our nation building will not go in vain.

75. Congratulations my girl, you are part of the beautiful people we are celebrating today, may your effort benefit you and your entire generation.

76. You are a perfect lady for me, I wish you the luckiest part of this wonderful workers’ day. May your day be blessed with abundant love.

77. The love I have for you cannot be removed from my heart. It is divinely rooted in it. I am using this space to say happy Labour Day.

78. Working for the progress of a country is one of the best sacrificial actions; we give our time and life to the development of our nation.

79. You are blessed this morning, may your dreams come to pass. Today is workers’ day, anything you lay your hands upon will be profitable for you.

80. Good to hear that you are around. I will be joining you soon. Less I forget, happy workers’ Day. I hope you enjoy your trip?



Happy Workers Day Messages for Friend

81. Your bright face is as a result of the active work you have done through the year. Strong people are known for hard work. Keep it up.

82. Whoever does not have work to do will surely remain idle and miserable. Thank you for the work well done. Happy Workers’ Day.

83. I am so much happy to send you this message today as you are alive to witness one of the biggest days in the world.

84. Your efforts are superb. I can see your jobs perfectly done. Thank you for being a hard-working fellow. This is what the millionaires do.

85. We appreciate this wonderful time in our life, it is one of the most interesting days I have ever witnessed. Its joy is beautiful.

86. I love this moment because it is a cute season for relaxation. It is a great day for every good citizen to relax as they are being celebrated for their activeness over the year.

87. This is another opportunity for friends to show more love for each other. It is a great privilege to have you in my life. Have a wonderful workers’ Day celebration.

88. Thank you for your support in my life. Truly, it is rare to find a good friend like you. I also want to use this opportunity to congratulate you on this special day in your life.

89. It is not easy for anyone to witness a special day. Thank God for this special gift of a lifetime. You are highly celebrated from my angle.

90. May the Lord bless your home this day. Your success will have no measure as you set to enjoy this holiday with your family.

91. The world is a better because of all you do. I’m so proud of you. Happy Labour Day.

92. There is dignity in Labour. Be proud of what you do. Happy workers day.

93. I celebrate you today for all the hard work you do. Your sweat brings food  to family table. Happy workers day my love.

94. May you not sweat in vain. May you always enjoy the fruit of your labour. Happy May day.

95. Here’s letting you know that all that you do matters. Happy Labour Day.

96. For all your hard work and toil, i wish you a happy workers day.

97. It’s better to work than to beg. There is Pride in Labour. Happy workers day.

98. There is satisfaction in work. There is fulfilment in Labour. Happy labour day.

99. Rest is sweet when labour is fulfilled. True freedom lies in hard work. Happy workers day.


100. Thank you for working so hard to prevent our family from wallowing in poverty. Happy workers day.

101. Workers are the true rulers. They bear the cross, they deserve the crown. Have a wonderful workers day.

102. Let your creativity find expression in work. Happy Labour Day.


Please note that the messages contained in this article were not originally compiled by this author but were edited where necessary.




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