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15 Signs To Know That You Are An OGBANJE….


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15 Signs To Know That You Are An OGBANJE….

Ogbange or Abiku is primarily a gender-selective spirit closing gender fluidity. Well, these people live a life of cycle like everyone else but they die to reenter the same womb and family as before, constantly leaving a cycle that inflicts pain to the family.


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These are signs to know you’re an OGBANJE

  1. Sometimes u feel like staying alone
  1. Your relationship doesn’t last

  2. Having S.e.x in the dream

  3. Dreaming about river, water or sea

  4. You like to drink Fanta

  5. Getting angry easily

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  6. Having dreams and it came to reality

  7. Cursed peoples that wrong u and it will happen to them

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  8. Sometime you will look beautiful and sometimes you will look ugly and ur color will change.

  9. Seating and talking to yourself alone

  10. Ogbanje’s don’t like association.. they always love to stay on there own

  11. No matter what the husband or the wife is doing for them, they can never love in full… they love today and hate tomorrow

  12. Many of them love love S.e.x so much and but any one that dnt like S.e.x if u just mentioned S.e.x around them ur already an enemy…

  13. Many of them dnt last in a marriage unless they settle their spirit…

  14. They love quiet place…

This and many more are the signs that you’re an ogbanje… if u notice that this happens to you often….. you need a help..

All the Ogbanje in the house tell us how your own dey do you ….

© Emmanuel Umanah

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