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My Husband Younger Brother(My Ex) Raped Me: Pls Advise


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Hide my I’d
My husband younger brother happens to be my Ex boyfriend during my undergraduate years in school. Before my wedding I wanted to tell my husband but my ex warned me never to let him know because my husband will cut off the wedding. My mind couldn’t tell him that I’ve dated his younger brother because I love him so much and I don’t want to loose him .

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I was already 3 months pregnant and I don’t want to be just a baby mama. So I keep quiet that after the wedding I will tell him everything. After our wedding, I found out that my ex has been living with my husband and he will continue to live with us because my husband could not find a suitable apartment for him yet. My husband love for me get stronger than before.


After 3months of my wedding I had a miscarriage and my brother in-law was the one that stayed with me at the hospital because of my husband work. I spent a week at the hospital, and all this bond my brother in law and I together as I had been avoiding him before then. After two months,my brother in law lost his work due to Corona virus and the two of us are usually at home. He had won my trust and respect that I became so relax around him. I thought he had finally accepted me as sister in-law but I was wrong .


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I was sleeping on a faithful afternoon and forgot to lock my room door . he enter my room , threatened me with knife and raped me. We are living alone in the compound, no neighbour ,just us. He raped me and travel that very day . I bleed for few days and I was told at the hospital that I just lost a 6weeks pregnancy. I did not tell my husband that I was raped by his brother because of his temper. How would I tell him all these without telling him that I’ve dated his brother before. Am so scared of loosing my marriage and also feeling sad that I’ve been cheated on.


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I’ve been so sad for weeks now. My husband thought it was because of the pregnancy that I lost only. I love my husband and he loves me dearly Brothers and sister please what do I do. I’m dying in Silence. ..
What should i do?





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  1. Madam you have to tell your husband so you don’t eventually loose your marriage because your husband brother have much more plans in stack for you that was why he stop you from telling your husband pretending to good to you.You should have tell your husband before marriage if he truly love you he will see dating his brother as your past and it is not too late though it gonna be difficult cause you should have spilt it out before marriage.Sit your husband down and talk to him.He needs to know about it so that you can have a peaceful and everlasting marriage.That is brother is a fucking bastard his attitude looks like an assassin Infact he can kill your husband to have his way with you.

  2. Please and please summon the courage to tell your husband the truth. Continue hiding will only breed more issues for you. Explain everything that happened to him and hide nothing. If he truly and deeply loves you as you said. I’m sure things would work out well. Gracias.

  3. Comment: You should have told your husband about your past relationship with his brother. It is better to have a broken engagement than a broken marriage.
    I can assure you this will not be the last time. He will keep molesting you.
    Open up to your husband and tell him everything.
    If he truly loves you, he will forgive you and save you from his brother.

  4. Madam,

    This is messy. You need to tell your husband and report his brother to the police for rape.

    I pray your husband forgives you for not tell him cos it will be hard to convince him that you did not just continue your affair with his brother.

    Only a police investigation can save you cos its your word against his brother’s word.

    You both had history and kept it away from your husband….that is a lie I hope your marriage can survive.

    Hope for the best but if it does not work out…you cannot blame anyone but yourself…you brought this on yourself…move on and please live a better life moving forward.

    What you do not want to do is keep quiet about this and keep lying…it will not end well if you do.

    Wish you courage to take the right decision in this. Even if the decision will hurt but you will be free.

    God bless you.

  5. Sister,hide nothing from your husband and utter out your heart to him,,,,out of fear you failed to let him know about your past with his brother,,and just know your ex is not happy with you marriage those.. open up to him and let him know everything that has happened .if he deeply loves you ,he will take a positive action towards that.thanks

  6. Hmmmmm,u should told ur husband a long time ago,now that u have been raped is a very good opportunity to ur husband everything n wait for the worst, to happen. Becos if u don’t tell ur husband about it,u will definitely encounter worst
    things than this,

  7. First of all report the brother to the police for rape.
    My sister, how are you able to build a marriage with all these secrets bikonu?
    It is better you tell your husband everything and be free.

    This secret will haunt you for so long you may may go into depression.
    Please save yourself by speaking up.

  8. You have to tell your husband everything so you can free yourself.. your brother in-law has terrible plans for you don’t let him tell your husband first..
    Since you dated him before he could come up with tales of you seducing him and how cheap you were in the past just to clear his name.. please tell your husband as soon as possible before it’s too late..

  9. You should not have dated your ex elder brother in the first place, that was a wrong move. I think you should tell your husband that you had a history with his younger brother so that he will know how to handle the situation. And as for the rape incident, I don’t think you should hide it from your husband, you have to tell him what transpired so he will know how to deal with his brother.

  10. This isnt bad yet and for this to not happen again and for you to not lose ur husband because u said u love him.. tell him immediately it a matter of urgency dont play with it


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