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After Months Of Separation -Is There A Future For Our Marriage?


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Good afternoon ma,

How are you doing,please I need you to help me with some clarity on this,

We had a separation for 5 months due to misunderstanding,and cheat from my hubby,and a whole lot of family issues.I moved out and during this period,my Hubby’s ex who he has been going out with even while we were married happens to come closer and was visiting him.

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After 5 months we came back together and he realized his mistakes and apologized.Now the main issue now is his family,they said that they don’t want me again.

Then few weeks ago a lady came to our house knocking on the door only for me to see that its that its that same Ex that caused us a breakdown in our marriage,so I told hubby he opened the window and sighted her but didn’t open the door,he got angry that she is the one in our house,what is she doing here,why didn’t she inform him and all that.

So we went inside knelt down and I started praying to God because am tired of all that am seeing in this marriage,after that in a loving and polite way I told my hubby to tell me what is going on.

He told me that he is surprised seeing her here,that when I wasn’t around she knew because he told him that he is the cause of me leaving,then when he relocated to a different place she helped him with an agents number they went together looking for a house she helped moving things to our house and when I came back he told her.

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Then he is surprise of her showing up at this time in our house.

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I am always seeing her in my dream telling me that she did plenty abortion for my husband so that his wife will not conceive because she is hurt.

I prayed and fasted got God’s direction with the help of prayer warriors.I had a miscarriage a while ago.

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Please I have so many questions to ask but I don’t even know where to start from:

  • Please advice me on how to manage this lady that is disturbing my marriage spiritually
  • Secondly my hubby’ s family do not want Me again especially the mother and she have been a distraction in my marriage,she always comes up with my husband been his beloved son that nothing will come in between them.And my husband is scared of the mother,.

Please I need a sincere advice because I am very tired at this point,I feel like pulling out peacefully to regain my sanity.

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After Months Of Separation -Is There A Future For Our Marriage?
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  1. Hello madam,

    I am sorry but your marriage is far from recovered from infidelity even after 5 months of separation.

    For your husband’s ex to have the guts to show up in your house…it shows its not over between them.

    The fact that your husband’s family have said they do not want you,its another big red flag.

    Why do they not want you…did you quarrel with them? You have to sort out that issue if your marriage will have any chance of survival.

    Your husband is the one holding the key to all these questions:

    He needs to accept you and protect you from his ex and his family…if not…there will be more issues.

    You both need to see a professional marriage therapist..you need to have some honest conversations with each other to determine of there could be a future for both of you.

    And you cant really win if the family does not want you…if your husband decides to stand by you…you should also try to win his family…his mother with time.

    There are still so many questions unanswered…but the key to these questions is an honest conversation with your husband….what does he really want…you or his ex? Can he prove that? He needs to bluntly tell her to stop coming..if possible,get a police restraining order to prove his point.

    As for his family…he needs to take the bull by the horn and resolve whatever issues they have with you…he must show he is willing to protect you.

    As for the dreams you have: consistent prayers to cancel such is what you need.

    It is well with you.

  2. This one is strong o. You have to fight this battle spiritually. Try to also find out from your hubby why the family does not like you. Do not force things. Let it flow with love


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