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This Lock-Down Has Saved My Marriage But How Do I Resist Temptation?


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Happy Easter Ma,

Today,my wife,my three children all had a very sumptuous English breakfast. This is coming after a very eventful night with my wife(if you know what I mean). I am a happy and content man. I have everything I need,I cannot complain. i have the lock down to thank for my current state of happiness.

Yes, I thank the lock down. My wife and I have been married for 9years. Our marriage was sweet in the beginning but around the 4th year,things changed. My wife stopped caring about me. I felt the children came before me. Meanwhile she complained that  I was not being emotionally supportive.

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Well, long story short. We argued alot until we hated each other and began to drift apart. She even moved out of our home for 3 months. When she returned,we stopped sleeping together,she accused me of cheating and yes..I was cheating with my secretary at work.

That is how our marriage has been. We try to be civil with each other but the love was no longer there. Then came this lock down. We started by ignoring each other. Until 4 days after the lock down…I felt my wife come into my room and begin to caress me. I was shocked and wanted to push her away.

Somehow,I didn’t…we ended up making hot love that night. And its been like that ever since. Every night has been so hot…we began to talk and gist and even the children are so happy.I think God wanted to help us with this lock down. I am really sorry for all my mistakes.

I don’t care what happened in the past …I just want this to continue. My only fear is:I hope after the lock down,things wont go back the same way they were? I get easily tempted by women in my line of work. I want to stop all those sleeping around..how do I resist those temptations?

Even while on lock down,many ladies still chat with me,send me nudes and all. But I don’t respond cos I am with my wife. And I am surprised:my wife has learnt new bedroom skills…where did she learn those from…could she have also cheated?

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Please advise me…how do I remain focused and keep my marriage on track and away from temptations…for me and my wife?Please advise…


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This Lock-Down Has Saved My Marriage But How Do I Resist Temptation?
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  1. Hello poster,

    My advise: even though you are making up with your wife…I think you should both attend marriage therapy together. This will help both of you address what really went wrong in the marriage and guide you on specific steps to healing.

    Another helpful thing you can do: is hold hands with your wife and pray daily with her.The holy spirit is the best person to help you curb future temptation.

    Finally,make a vow…that anytime you are tempted, you would speak to your wife about it…and ask her to help you fight the temptation.

    Your wife becomes your accountability partner.

    Revive your romance. Go out for date nights. Plan romantic vacations. Hold hands more. Pray together more.

    God will help you if you are truly determined.


  2. You yourself can advise yourself on fleeing from the temptations. Just lead this new found love and keep it. You are the man

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