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My Boyfriend’s Has Changed Since & I Am Hurt: Please Advise.


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I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend over 3 years now and we love each other but in year 2018 he gain admission into college so we don’t have time to see each other like before but we use to talk on phone and visit on weekend.

The problem is that he know I love him so much and being in school his attitude has changed, we fought almost everyday since he has gain admission into school but still I still over look it, I will even be the one to beg for forgiveness and I always ask him if he’s interested again so that I can move on with my life but at the mention of that he will start telling me some calm word that I will even be blaming myself for not be patience

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Around 2019 I begin to get tired of the relationship but I don’t have the courage of walking away because am tried of fighting every day with him, I don’t ask for something from him because he was the one sponsoring his education but maybe I need something and I don’t have someone to give me if I ask from him, he will be angry with me telling me that I know he was the one sponsoring his education that he doesn’t have money but still I still be with him and I don’t cheat on him

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I  even support him with food stuff and any other things I have but he doesn’t appreciate it so on the few days ago, I decide to end my relationship with him so I told I want to end my relationship with him my surprised at his answer he said that was my decision which makes me realized that he doesn’t love me and he even post some kind of rubbish post and I even correct him not to post that again but instead he said olosho is better than me and since then he doesn’t call me nor message me

And some people close to him always advice me to stay away from him because he doesn’t love me but I refuse I even tell him people say this about you but he say people want to spoil a good relationship

I don’t know what to do please help me because I really feel hurt.


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My Boyfriend's Has Changed Since & I Am Hurt: Please Advise.
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  1. Hello dear,

    Much as I do not want to sound judgmental,it appears you are young and naive.

    The fact that you have dated someone for 3 years is no guarantee that he will marry you.

    Let me ask you…what is the purpose of this relationship? Friendship or marriage?

    None of the above seems to be on this guy’s mind. Let him go please. He does not have money so he is not financially ready.

    He ignores you…even when you broke up with him,he felt no remorse or need to reconcile with you…what more do you want?

    What are you doing with yourself? Have you gone to college? Why not focus on getting an education or being productive and forget this guy.

    Its sad but he has to be left in your past. He is not ready to be in a relationship with you:whether financially,emotionally or otherwise.

    And let us not be naive: there maybe a college girl in the picture…maybe some new girlfriend that he has in college….and he maybe feeling you are now below his standard …that is if you are not in college yet.

    You are beautiful…intelligent and smart…you deserve way better…Focus on developing you…making you happy and being the best version of yourself that God wants you to be.

    A good man deserving and worthy of you will come. Make sure you don’t settle for just any man…a man who loves and respects you and compliments and adores you is the goal…nothing less.

    Wish you all the best.


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