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My Brother Is Marrying Into A Doomed Family:Please Advise


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Hello ma,

Please I need your advise. Its for my twin brother but I am actually very worried for him. Since he has been single. I got married seven years ago and everyone have been teasing him on when he will get married. He has been in several relationship but none worked out.

Until this lady. This lady is nice and caring and beautiful and hard working. It was easy to see why my brother fell in love with her. She seemed like one with proper home and spiritual  upbringing. I met her like 8 months ago and we clicked as friends.

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My brother finally proposed to her about four months ago and our people went to her folks for introduction 2 months ago. I knew this lady said her mother is a widow and her sister is divorced but I did not know any more.

However,after the introduction,more revelations have come. And these revelations are not good. We are from the same village so you can imagine that people know things about anyone.

So the revelation is that this lady’s family,any man that marries into their family will come to misfortune. That her father was warned against marrying her mother but he did not heed to the advise. He later died in an accident that he was the only victim.

Her mother has 4 girls and one boy. The boy is married with no children for almost 10 years. The eldest sister is married and divorced while one of her sisters has children for 3 different men,none married her. One of her sister is single, the other lost her husband to cancer.

This is scary. My brother was aware of all of these but he is not the type to believe in spiritual things. Of course the girl and her mother are sweet people. I have met the mother but after what we have learnt,I do not want to loose my brother if its true that this is what happens to any one who marries in their family.

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My mother is hysterical. Telling my brother to call off the marriage. My father and my siblings are calling for prayers but everyone is on edge. Only my brother,he says we are being dramatic and hence he will not be stopped but will go on with the marriage with or without us.

Could my brother be charmed that he is not bothered by all these? This lady,my brother’s fiancee spoke to me,saying she knows what people have said about her family. That its not true and even if its true,she is a born again christian and she will break that bond. I told her what if she is the one,will she advise her brother to go on..she replied..its the man’s choice at the end of the day.

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She is right..its my brother’s choice…my fear is…I hope he is making that choice under clear eyes…or are we being dramatic….do we just pray and hope my brother marrying her will be different from her other family members experiences?

Please advise me…

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My Brother Is Marrying Into A Doomed Family:Please Advise
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  1. Hello,

    You care for your brother and that is expected. The lady he wants to marry…you have said she appears well brought up in homely and spiritual matters right?

    She also said she is confident her faith can break whatever yoke has been placed on her family if any…

    I think what you need to do is call your family meeting and stop being afraid…fear activates teh devil and his plans…faith paralyses him.

    I think if you support your brother and his marriage with prayers and fasting…all will be well.

    Stop listening to village peoples’ report. The evil report they giving is not what God says. people interpret other peoples’ misfortune as doom.

    Someone has to shine the light for that family….to change their story…they are Christians…your family are Christians…team up together and break the yoke.

    Maybe they should relocate from that village…stop associating with people who only gossip about other peoples issues.

    Finally…your brother can go ahead and marry this lady but he must take a very strong stand in God’s word and build a spiritual shield over his new family. Prayers and prayers. And declaring the Lordship of Jesus over their lives so satan has no place in them.

    Their marriage can only work if they stand as a united spiritual force.

    All your family can do is pray for them and stop listening to gossips.

    He that the son of God sets free is free indeed.

    No fear…only faith allowed….and the works of the devil will be cut off.

    God bless.

  2. You are right to be scared… Although those may be signs that your brother shouldn’t go through. Because sometimes. God give us these signs. But we are adamant and stubborn to listen… Be prayerful


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