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I Feel So Guilty Every Time: How Do I Get Over My Ex-Please Advise?


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Good day
Just have a story to share
And your advise is needed after

Is between me and my ex girlfriend, she is married with kids but can’t stop disturbing me. I am still single though, but anytime she come to my house.

I can’t keep my eye off her, and she has never resisted me from s*xing her, but the truth is, I always feel guilty after the s*x and wish to stop having s*x with her.
Please I am a little bit confused. Please advise me please.
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I Feel So Guilty Every Time: How Do I Get Over My Ex-Please Advise?
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  1. Thanks for reaching out. You feel guilty because you know that it is wrong to do what you are doing.my brother it is very wrong and sinful to have s*xual intercourse with a married woman,
    First step is to totally reject the woman in your spirit and repent fully, seek God’s forgiveness. Secondly cut off every form of relationship with her. I still don’t understand what she comes to your house for. It will not be easy but please fight and run for your life.

  2. Bros…stop her from coming to your house, if you’re still friends with… whenever she wants to see you, let be in a public place.

  3. Hello,

    Maybe this might help:imagine another man sleeping with your own wife cos that will definitely happen cos you already sowed the seed for that.

    The only thing you can do is,stop seeing her. Discipline yourself. She belongs to another man.

    God is not pleased with this. This is adultery. You should never be a party to a crime to a family. She has children for God’s sake.

    You need to take control of your urges and not your urges controlling you?

    Who is really in charge: you are that thing between your legs?

    Grow up man…you can do better than this.

    All the best.


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