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I Am Worried That I Might Be Old Fashioned: Please Advise!


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Good evening ma’am.

Please I need your candid advice. Please I will like to remain anonymous.

I am a 26 year old lady, without a fiance or boyfriend. And I feel age is no longer on my side. The problem I have been having is the issue of s*x,I am still a virgin and wanted to maintain the status till marriage.
However, virtually all the guys I have met, always end up telling me that a relationship can’t thrive without s*x, some even went to the extent of trying to convince me that guys these days no longer want to marry a virgin.
Right now, I don’t know if what I believed in is now old-fashioned. Whether I will still see someone who will still want to marry me or if I should go ahead with any guy that comes my way.
I am becoming more confused day by day.
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I Am Worried That I Might Be Old Fashioned: Please Advise!
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  1. A deserving man that will cherish you will come to sweep you off your feet. My last born had been dating her friend since 200 level in the university. They were together for 8 years without s*x. They are happily married now, with 2children. Her husband and the family carries her like egg. Please my darling, you have something good already, do not allow anyone to talk you out of it. God is preserving you for the right partner. God’s got you my. Remain blessed.

  2. There’s at least one person who is responsible and is coming your way.
    Don’t be too desperate to get married otherwise someone will take that as an advantage to mistreat u after marriage.
    Sex during dating may expose u to so many men who use and dump u for new catch.
    Be careful

  3. Hello,

    Being a virgin is a great thing but you must understand why you are abstaining from s*x before marriage.

    If it for religious reasons,that means you have decided to honor God by keeping your body which is the temple of God holy. That is very good.

    If you are doing for yourself…that is also very good. That means,you want to preserve your first time at s*x to the one you decide to marry.

    Now,people who are not virgins tend to make virgins feel inferior. The truth is: they are actually feeling inferior by you. Do not let them make you feel bad.

    It is your decision …not to be influenced by anyone.

    There are men who do not want to marry virgins but there are many who are ready to marry virgins.

    At 26,you are young…not to old. I know many virgins who got married at 29,30,35 and even 40. Age has nothing to do with this.

    If its important to you to keep your virginity,do so by all means. The man who will love you will not care whether you are a virgin or not..he will love and appreciate you regardless.

    God bless you.


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