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How Do I Get Rid Of The Anger That I Feel Towards My Ex?


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Hello… Good evening everyone.. I am in a bit of a dilemma I need help from…

I have a girl I was dating and was faithful to for the past 7 months…

1 month ago, I started having some uncomfortable symptoms that suggested an infection in the private area…

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I went for a test. And it was confirmed I had an infection which I am still battling with till now… It is a stubborn infection. I won’t like to say the name…

As at then, my girlfriend (now my ex). Confirmed that she also has been with that same infection…

On the discovery of that, it made me started developing some hatred for her. As I could not shook of the feelings that she was the cause and she dint tell me about it up till I did the test…

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Now. Am still undergoing the treatment of this infection. And any time I think of it. It makes me regret ever meeting her…

How do I push out this anger and hatred of her. Because it really affects me anytime I think of it


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How Do I Get Rid Of The Anger That I Feel Towards My Ex?
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  1. The did has been done bro.
    You just have to let it go. Forgive her and let her out of your mind. Ask God to forgive you as well and pray your way out of that infection. By so doing your healing both physically, emotionally and spiritually you will be healed. Be happy for a merry heart is medicine to the body.

  2. Holding grudges is holding yourself from movinf forward.

    Ex is what you call her, so let the past go with the ill feeling.

    It will wise you concentrate your energy on healing, eating right, stay away from drink if you drink, don’t go into another relationship yet.

    Premarital s*x isn’t God’s design and if you did, you sinned against God. Ask for forgiveness and ask you obtain it, also frogive her who wronged you and see this as God’s sign of helping you trace your path back.

    There are daily devotional on Youversion on forgiveness, study them and let love come back to your heart for your future and success.

    Do not return to such act again girlfriend or date till you build your home.

    All the best.

  3. Hey,

    I understand how you feel but can we be real here: you must share in the blame here. I mean,even if you were faithful to your ex during the time you were together…how come you did not use protection when you know that you are not married to her?

    Its sad but you need to move on. Get rid of that anger and act smarter next time. Perhaps,keep the pants on until marriage.

    God bless.


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