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I Entered A Business Deal With My Landlord’s Wife Now I Am Stuck


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I feel very upset ,hurt and angry. I know most of it was my fault but the way I feel,I want to make her pay too for this. My name is Taju (not real name). Please dont use my real name in case this gets to her. But I hope it does so she knows what is coming for her.

3 Years ago,I moved into a semi detached fully serviced apartment. Because of the job I do,I needed a very comfortable housing arrangement. The rent was throat cutting. I even got a loan to add to get the place.

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The lease was handled by the wife of the property owner(Landlord’ wife). She is a lawyer. Pretty lady in her forties. Right from the time I met her,she was flirting with me. I am a single guy,my fiancee is abroad. Marriage for me is in the next two years,I wanted to focus on my career,build it to a certain level before marriage.

Getting attention from ladies has never been strange to me. I get it all the time. The owner’s wife was no different. After I moved in,she kept calling me,texting me and all that. I played along,I would act friendly but I had no intention of taking it further. I was a perfect gentleman.

This woman got serious and would show up randomly at my place. She promised I would not need to pay another rent for the place which was a whooping 3 Million per annum. All she wanted was s*x. Apparently, her husband was a bloody cheat too. They deserved each other I must say.

She would complain and tell me about how s*x starved she is. That her husband is busy doing other women and no reason for her to be horny when she can do ‘business’ with me. Her offer was really tempting. I resisted cos this is not just my thing. I can mess with a lady but not with a married lady.

But where she caught up with me was last year when my rent was going to expire. I had already received a notice from the property company to pay up. I was cash trapped. I tried to mop up as much cash as I could but I could barely come up with 20% of the rent.

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I called this lady to give me some time to come up with the money. She showed up in my place asking me why I was proving difficult. That I did not need to pay anything if I gave her what she wanted. I asked her how do I know she would keep her word,she promised to write me a receipt for rent paid once I agreed.

In my desperation,I agreed. That was how my affair with this lady started. She was a tiger. Wore me out. She was always horny. It became an almost everyday thing. Each time,I would ask her for my receipt,she would say she has done it but the accountant is yet to release it. She even showed me text messages she sent to the Accountant.

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Even the accountant called me to say they were sending my receipt but for some reason,the day it was brought,I was not at home so they took it back. I wanted to go pick it up myself but she cautioned me not to show up at the office so her husband does not raise any questions.

That was how,she posted me for 2 months. I kept f*cking each night. At some point,it was exciting to me. Eventually,I received my receipt and dumb me,I didn’t check well. Soon as I got the receipt,I told her we needed to stop but she said no. That we have to continue for a whole year. That she wrote off my rent for a year so I have to service her for a year.

Its not that I do not enjoy her…I just fear that one day,her husband will find out. Although she tells me it does not matter if the husband finds out cos both of them know they are messing with other people and don’t give a sh*t. Life of the rich people. I don’t blame them.

Me though,I was not going to be any body’s toy boy. It was a means to an end and I was  done. I love my girl even though she is not in the country. I was becoming paranoid. This lady,what if she is not using protection and gets pregnant. I needed to stop so I told her I couldn’t do this for the whole year.

We quarreled about it. She cried  me and begged. I refused. The last time she came,I didn’t open for her. She sent me a text that I would regret it. The next thing I received was notice to pay up my rent which was now increased from 3M to 4.5M and I was told to pay up or move out in one month. The notice was backdated to 3 months ago.

It was then,I brought out the receipt I was issued and discovered that it was a fake receipt. Of course,the accountant whom I believe is in this deal with this madam denied ever issuing that receipt. The receipt did not have the company name or stamp r signature. I was so stupid I did not notice.

That is why I am so angry. I told my friend who is a lawyer and he says I have no case,that no one pays for rent with s*x. He advised me to pay or move out or continue s*xing this woman for a year but this time insist on getting an original receipt.

Personally,I feel like exposing this woman and her evil self. I feel like going to social media to rip her off but then,I will be loosing too cos I might be thrown away from my apartment.And business has not been really good,so I do not have money to get a new place.

It seems to me that I am stuck but I am determined to get this woman back. Please post this. I really don’t care if she reads it. I need advise on what to do.


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  1. Enjoy while it last….. At least you still have your money to keep by d side….enjoy for the nxt 2 years before your lady comes back

    • @Dapsonkevin— Your advice is the wrong one. Mind,someone will still sleep with his wife one day. That’s Nemesis, which must surely come.

  2. Is that the only place you can get accommodation? All that playing around wasn’t necessary but move on from that and find another place.

  3. I am laughing and the same time angry at you.

    Laughing cos you were blinded and got used. Angry because as smart as you are, you let lust rob you so much and tomorrow you expect a faithful partner.

    Is there any business that you don’t pay equivalent of the value of the service?

    Whooping 3Million to be written off on whose account?

    Can she pay that to get satisfied for one year?

    If she can, she would have paid it and give you receipt from the onset but no, she used you and you lost.

    You must not win in every game. This is one.

    Expose her, then sleep in the street and loose your fiancee even your integrity.

    I will advise you to find a friend you can put up with, save your remaining personality and move forward. Cut your standard and taste, only a survival thinks of class.

    There are fights you don’t fight with muscle. Retreat, think and restrategize and act when you will win.

    That lady can use her authority and label you and mess you up for life. Reason I said, move on and let her be for now.

    Your concern should be to survive.

    If you can pay, do so and end all ties with her.

    Don’t buy the idea of continue because that’s a sinful life with consequences you are living. The punishment could be huge.

    If you are a believer, then ask for forgiveness, trust God, live pure and move on.

    All the best.

  4. My dear, you wouldn’t have accepted that dirty offer initially. Since you have made the mistake of committing adultery with the lady,pack out and ask God for forgiveness.

  5. Guy, you really made a big mistake by accepting her offer. Life throws some games to people sometimes you win some you lose. In this case you lost but you have to be bold and pick up.My advice is for you to do these
    a) Pray to God for forgiveness (adultery)
    b) Confess to your fiancée though hard but do it
    c) Pack out and cut off all links with your landlord wife.
    d) Like i always say draw closer to God now like never before. Selah.

  6. Move out of the house;
    Find the courage to tell your girlfriend the truth and ask for forgiveness;
    Also learn from your mistakes and live within your means. Apparently the apartment was out of your price range from the onset

  7. I have no advice for a wasteful child like you. How can you rent an apartment for 3 million a year. Are you okay at all?

  8. The truth is that you are living far above your means. You need to do a re-evaluation and come to terms with your reality which is that you are living above your means. Move out and look for another apartment that you can conveniently afford.

    • Obviously you have lost this one. While u were enjoying the s*x with her, you should have had it in mind to start saving up money to rent another place before ending things with her. Anyway, it’s not too late. You need to move out from that house and look for another place to rent.

      You are currently feeling cheated, yes, you should be. But what has happened has happened. Don’t let it happen again.

      If you still seriously believe she is going to pay up the rent for real this time, then you are gullible. And even if she will actually pay, why would u want to do it all over again (having s*x with her), since u are already regretting the last session you went thru.

      Have the courage to accept you have lost this battle and stop thinking of how to get back at her. Just have the intention to leave that house soon. Then start looking for more cash from any possible means and use it to rent another apartment.

      It is well !!!

  9. My bro just move out jeje and look for another apartment you can conviniently pay for.

    3million for just 12 months? Jesu
    When you can get half plot of land for 3 million at good location and build it with your 2 years rent.

    In conclusion, within 3 years you will become a landlord.

    My advice….Stay Blessed.

  10. Anything that is not properly done is not done at all. Sex can’t be used as rent. The worst of all is, you were issued fake a receipt. The lady succeeded in playing on your intelligent and you’ve no legal grounds to continue to occupying the facility. Any attempt to expose the lady will lead you into double trouble. Having an affair with a married woman and criminal occupying a housing Unit.
    What goes around comes around. Someone could also engaged into similar relationship with the intent to get married to after marriage.
    My advice is, you stop the relationship and find a out and leave..

  11. Hello,

    Well, I hope you receive this counsel in good faith.

    I think the way you lay your bed in life is how you lie on it.

    First,getting an apartment that is not within your means is a bad idea. I understand the need to live a certain lifestyle to appeal to a certain audience but if that means you have to sell your soul to the devil like this case,its simply not worth it.

    The lady got you and got you very good…this is your fault and there is nothing you can do to get back at her.

    The only way out of this mess really is to move out of the apartment into a less expensive one or if you cannot get a new one now,move in with a friend until you can afford a place for yourself.

    That lady has no shame…this is the type of deals she gets into…her husband too is living that life…how do you really think you can win them? This is probably not her first time in doing this kind of shitty business….you were just naive or selfish.

    You also need to come clean with your fiancee. You cheated and you need to be straight with her …you need to clean your mess.

    Focus on being a better person going forward,stop living a lie just to impress people.

    The devil does not give any free lunches.

    Wish you all the best.

  12. Move out of the Apartment, you can put up with a friend till when you’re able to get a better apartment that you can pay for without calling meeting with banks for loan.

    Tell your fiancee what you’ve done, explain everything to her, God willing she might forgive you and still be of help to you.

    Be true to yourself from now hence forth, greediness will only bring you down. Be contented with what you have while praying to God for increase.

    Leave vengence for God.

    Best of luck

  13. I will advise you to find a friend you can put up with, save your remaining personality and move forward. Cut your standard and taste… That apartment isn’t the only place you must stay… Whooping 3M per annum is quite much bro… There are several serene places you can still get very good/luxurious apartments that aren’t throat cutting… My 2kobo

  14. Nothing goes for nothing
    Please move out, confess to your partner and forget about revenge. Learn from this mistake bro…

  15. You made a mistake by accepting her offer, she has shown you she is not responsible hence her husband is flirting around, just pray to God for forgiveness and pack away from that house sow your coat according to your size and stop living an apartment you struggles to pay as that was what makes you fell for her temptation, thank you

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