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Lock-Down: How Do I Avoid Getting Pregnant While Enjoying Myself?


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Hello ma,

Please I need some advise. Hide my name o. Since my husband and I are stuck in this house for the last 3 weeks,we have been getting more and more time for love making which we did not used to get before as a result of our work schedules.

While I am thankful for this time spent with my husband,I am also very scared of getting pregnant. I am not on any contraceptive because of the effect it has on me. I have 4 children and my last child is 8 years old.

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Usually,we use the withdrawal method but with s*x everyday in this lock down,it is very hard to withdraw. I need help fast. I am so afraid that I might get pregnant.  I have discussed with my husband and he promised to be careful but each time,he just cant…I dont blame him….its not easy. And the use of condom is out of the question cos both of us do not enjoy it. Please advise me.

Another thing is,being at home,we want to spice up things a little. I would appreciate a few ideas on how to spice it up during s*x. My husband and I are open to adventurous ideas from married couples who have tried new things this period. Maybe you can do a question and answer on this topic for some of us to learn.

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A funny story,we wanted to do it in the kitchen a few nights ago but guess what,my two sons refused to go to bed till 3am. They were in the sitting room watching TV. Its hilarious but also very challenging.

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One night,we decided to go to the car and be as quiet as possible. But our security man caught us pants down. Now,I am so ashamed at looking at the aboki when I see him. I am grateful for these few days of the lock down. I just wish anyone can share tips with me with regards to avoiding pregnancy and exploring new things to enjoy better intimacy.

Thank you ma


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Lock-Down: How Do I Avoid Getting Pregnant While Enjoying Myself?
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  1. I really laughed hard at the funny story u shared… On how you can avoid being pregnant while still enjoying yourselves, withdrawal is still the best option here… Also, you to know the days that are safe periods for you, so that even though her cums inside of you, you’re still protected…I’m not in a best position to give you ideas on how to spice your marital s*x life as I’m not married… Regards!!!

  2. I wish I am married to share some tips but I learnt from two wonderful couples that I am close to that though not their thing, they have made it a habit to use condom for birth control.

    If you seriously don’t want another baby, say goodbye to care free s*x.

    Take charge and apply caution.

    Then from some married ladies in my life and my sister in-law, I learnt that you can soak utazi seed, uda, ginger, garlic and hot and drink after your show time, early hours in the morning or night.

    Besides, they said lime with warm water immediately is good. I seriously don’t like lime foe women so I can’t say if this is good.

    I hope you find solution from married practical people.

    For spicing your moment, I will be here to read and learn from others.

    All the best.

  3. Well I think at the moment you guys don’t need more spicing up, the spices you have are already enough.

    But for not getting pregnant hmmm I am naive in that aspect cos everything I know you said you don’t want. Well why not try taking postinor after every intercourse, it will help at least I know someone that it helped though at some point I became scared for the person. I’m not sure it has any after effect.

    So my advice, keep enjoying yourself and keep postinor by your side. I’m really not a supporter of that but just trying to give you options.

  4. I wish every woman is as understanding as this woman, trust me, we will rarely have issues with conjugal right.
    My candid advise is that you should both manage the use of condoms during your unsafe period of the month.
    The truth is we can’t have all we wish for all the times. There are times we must sacrifice for a while. Let your husband have this understanding also.
    Good luck.

  5. This is amusing to read. I’m happy for you that something positive is going on for you during this lockdown.

    About spicing things up with your husband, obviously you have started trying it out by having s*x in the car and kitchen. To add more spice, I will suggest you should start some role playing scenarios before having s*x. Search the internet for any article on s*x role-playing with your partner. And pls try to do such things only if your kids are asleep. Your security man will still handle what he saw maturely and responsibly, but your kids will never be able to let go of such sight if they shud encounter it.

    And about protecting yourself, I will be frank with you. If you can’t use condom, then keep on risking it with the withdrawal method but have it in mind, that ur are risking pregnancy because of the full enjoyment you are receiving now.

    It is well !!!

  6. Hahaha…. I enjoyed reading this. Thank you!
    I will suggest you download the FLO app on Play store. That’s what I use to monitor my safe period.

  7. Sex is very sweet especially when you are married, you can have it any time, any day and every corner lolzz….keep the fire burning

    Concerning pregnancy, what work for Mr A might not work for Mr B…at least you guys have been in the marriage for some years and you should what work for you and your husband to avoid stories that thouch.

    Not all couple like using condom or contraceptive…. condom is not sweet and I think contraceptive also has side effect on some women.

    My wife and I doesn’t use condom and contraceptive, we love to dive in raw…we have been doing withdrawal method and it as never fail us for good 2 years…mind you we don’t care if she’s on her safe period or not, we fire any time any day.
    But no matter the sweetness I never for once release on her because I’m always at alert…
    Its very easy for me…it take deciplin though.

    Ask your husband if he always find it difficult to withdraw during the show…if the answer is yes, my sister you guys should look for alternative ASAP.
    Stay blessed and stay safe…God bless

  8. Hello madam,

    Happy to hear you are getting some love and fun during the lock down. As for not getting pregnant: that is really up to up to you.

    The discipline to stick to certain precautionary measures must be followed strictly otherwise,your fun will be cut short.

    You should speak with your doctor to help come up with the best contraceptive plan for you and your husband.

    A few non harmful things to do include:

    1. Get an app to help you get the accurate time you are on your safe period
    2. You must get good condom. The type that is good at helping with the sensual feeling
    3. Withdrawal method. Extreme discipline is needed
    4. Emergency pills can help but must not be used frequently
    5. Vasectomy or male sterilization: This is a permanent measure . That means you can no longer have children
    6.Tubal ligation is a permanent measure for women. Here,your tubes are tied

    In all of the above,choose what works best for you and your spouse

    As for keeping things spicy: well….you may have to instill strict sleeping times for the children,so you both can do all the stuff you want to around the house.

    You can read up and find exciting things to do together….some things like:
    1.Shower together
    2. Get a massage or spa together if you have a good bathroom or tub
    3.Watch romantic movies together
    4.Write love/dirty s*xy notes to each other
    5.Go to a nearby hotel and spend a couple of hours together

    There is so much to do,you just have to be creative.

    Wish you all the best.

  9. Aunty, you want to eat your cake and have it. If correct fear of a 5th child can not cure or curb the s*xual urges, I don’t know what else can.

    There are many birth control options for both men and women. It shouldn’t be just the duty of the woman

    There are several methods of preventing a pregnancy,you just have to make more researches and see which one would work for you.
    *Birth control pills*
    *Hormonal patches*
    *Birth control implants*
    *Vaginal ring*
    *Cervical caps*
    *Ovulation test kits*
    *Cervical mucus exam*
    *Tracking menstrual cycles*
    *Emergency contraception(morning after pills)*
    *Tubal ligation (tubes tied)*
    After making more researches and none of them tickles your fancy,then e don pass my power, you can now pray about it☺☺☺

    Ways to spice up the s*x life……………..
    I don’t think one person can actually teach you how to do that.
    *Read lots of books about s*x and love making*
    *Watch lots of videos about s*x and love making*
    *Please practice what you have watched and read about*
    *Get your partner involved and to find out what you both find comfortable*


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