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See What Happened After I Slept With My New Secretary – Man Cries


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A married man who runs a company as the general manager slept with his new secretary after firing his old one because the new one is very beautiful and he had to get her in bed to satisfy his s*xual desires.

According to him, he promised the lady $500 if she agrees to sleep with him. He said immediately they finish making love his thing has Refused to wake up, it’s has been sleeping since.

Read the sad story below:

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“I am a general manager in one of the companies in Industrial Area. Last month I replaced my secretary with a new one. I felt good for the first time because the old secretary was not beautiful. I started exchanging sweet words with her but at first she resisted, saying she is married.

After so much resistance, I promised her $500 if she agrees to sleep with me. She told me that she will think about it. The following morning she came and I asked her whether she had made up her mind. She told me I have to part with $1,000. Since she is beautiful and it’s rare to get such golden opportunities, I agreed to give her the money. She told me she has to see the money in the bank.

The following morning, before our offices were open, I went and transferred the cash. After she confirmed the balance, she said, “now you can do anything you want, I am now yours”. I went to a hotel and booked a room. I told her to come over lunch time, I feared to carry her in my vehicle because people could easily tell there is something strange.

At exactly lunch time is when we made love, but what happened next is that I am trying to get help from my dear friends. Immediately we finished, mine literally slept until these hours. My problem now is that I am married and I can’t rise at all.

I have even tried to take drugs but they are not of any help. Could it be that I was bewitched. And if so, where can I get help? This man above needs your advice on what he can do to make his thing work back before his wife knows what he did. Please drop your comments advising him.”

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Copied Source: tellghana.net

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  1. Actually you have to be praying and also go and find that woman meaning your secretary and check whether she’s using some powers. if so ask for her forgiveness. But don’t forget to be praying

  2. Hmmmmmm, this is so sad
    If I may ask, what exactly does she have that ur wife doesn’t?
    Does it mean u only hire secretaries just to have s*x with them?
    Sir, u need to repent from ur sins first and turn to God, cos u need to be delivered.

  3. It’s what you know how to eat that wants to kill you. You sacked someone cos she’s not beautiful. Guess you’re such that takes advantage of people and now it has bounced back on you.
    There’s no remedy than to confess your sin to your wife and seek for God’s forgiveness. Repent and pray to God for deliverance.

  4. There is always a price to pay in marital infidelity. You must ask for God’s mercy and confess to your wife what you have done. That is when your repentance will be complete. Then seek for prayer of deliverance from true believers. You have to really pray with tears.
    Meanwhile, seek for the secretary’s forgiveness also.

  5. One chance!
    Not everyone you see in human clothing is actually human, some are demon in disguise. You just have to go meet your secretary and tellher this is not part of the deal, let her tell you the way out
    At your End confess to your wife and ask for forgiveness.

  6. You know someone once said “The solution kolanut and palm wine would proffer 21days of fasting may not solve it”
    The problem is from the secretary as a married woman {The man has used Magun on his wife}. Telling her husband would likely wreck her home but since the deed has been done you’ll have no choice than to meet with her, explain the situation of things to her, you two should meet with her husband…..plead with the man cause he may deny he didn’t do anything to his wife.
    Meanwhile, you have to explain all you’ve done to your wife, ask for forgiveness make it right with her and God.

    I believe you’ve learnt the hard way, you better change your ways before something worse happens.

  7. This is deep. You are confused whether it is a medical issue or a spiritual issue. See a doctor about the medical issue and follow his prescriptions.

    Then about the spiritual issue, that is even more complex. You don’t know where the problem came from. You are confused whether – :
    It is from your secretary or
    from ur wife for cheating on her or
    from the secretary’s husband as a thunderbolt for her infedelity or it still could be none of these.

    Anyway, to the spiritual part, you have just one play here. You have to come clean. Learn from this and ask God for forgiveness. Then tell your wife what u have done and ask for her forgiveness. Lastly, go to your pastor for spiritual deliverance. Once u have a free conscience, your deliverance will come easily. May God help you

    It is well with you !!!

  8. 1. Ask God to forgive you and heal you
    2. Get to a hospital and get examined by a doctor. Perhaps they can recommend some treatment.
    3.Cut off that lady and sin no more. Rededicate your life to God
    4. Ask your wife for her prayers and forgiveness too.

    What you need is a miracle…seek it with faith and prayers.


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