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How On Earth Will I Seduce My Landlord’s Beautiful Wife?


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I moved into this compound 2 years ago. My landlord,a old man of almost 80 has several wives and children and grand children. I tried to mind my business in this compound because of so many people living here. I am a Computer Science Teacher in the secondary school in our town here in Oshogbo here.

From time, I never wanted to marry anyone from around here. The ladies and even the men here are too corrupt. I am from Ibadan but I grew up and work here. Like I said,the people here are corrupt. I see how wayward my landlord’s wives are. Of course,being an old man,he cannot take care of all of them so they run on rampage.

The younger wives and daughter have tried to be friendly with me but I push them away cos they are not my type. I see how they run around younger men in town. Even the sons of the baba Landlord,some are married,some just behave anyhow.

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Make no mistake,I am not a saint but I try to be a decent man. I had a girlfriend whom I thought was different but she ended up like most girls here,run around sleeping around. My plan was to either find someone from outside this town or remain single until I get a job that will take me out of this town.

Last December,my landlord married a young bride of about 20 years.This girl was forced into the marriage and she was not happy from the moment she arrived at the compound. Of course,baba Landlord being old could barely even treat her like a proper wife.

Her fellow wives advised her to meet with younger men to get pregnant and satisfy her sexual urges. This girl refused and they mocked her and made life hell for her. One day,she met me and asked me if she could come learn how to use computer (cos I have a side job at a computer science centre too).

I encouraged her cos she spoke like someone who is intelligent. The only problem was that she did not have the money. She begged me to allow her and pay me by working for me. I spoke to the owner of the centre and they employed her as a cleaner.So she would work and learn how to use the computer.

Not long after she started,her fellow wives became jealous of her because all of them are illiterates. They cooked up stories that I was sleeping with this young girl. This made the baba stop her from continuing the computer training and I was given quit notice from my apartment.

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The trouble was so much so I got a new place and moved out. I have been staying in a new place for 3 months now. One night,around 7.30pm,someone knocked on my door so seriously and I knew the person was in a haste. It turned out to be this young wife of my former landlord. She was in tears. She had been beaten and raped by one of baba Landlord’s sons.

I was enraged but I did not know what to do. I asked her to run away back to her parents,that was when she told me her story…her father had worked for Baba landlord for years as his Farm manager. She was born in on the farm. Her father became sick and could not work anymore. He was to be thrown away from the farm but her father begged him to let his family remain on the farm so they can feed

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She was 8 years old at the time. Baba allowed her family and she was promised to him as wife after she finished secondary school. Her father had passed on 6 years ago but gave strict warning that she must fulfill his agreement with baba. She must be married to him after secondary school.

She tried to avoid it but her family lives on baba’s farm property with no where to go to,she had to obey her father’s wish. This young woman’s dream is to be a successful lawyer one day and free her family from poverty and baba’s hold. She prays daily for his death so she can also be free but she said there are talks that even with Baba’s death,she could be passed on to another baba’s family member to be married off.

Since that day,this young lady has been coming to my place to find refuge anytime things get ugly at the compound. I feel for her. I admire her courage and determination to learn and succeed despite her predicament.

But that is not the real problem. The real problem began when …

To be continued…

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How On Earth Will I Seduce My Landlord's Beautiful Wife?
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  1. Do we call this slavery ? Using your child to pay for house rent. Wickedness and cruelty are the heart of men.

  2. This is unfair. How can they tell a 20years old girl to be married to an 80years old man. Jesus I can feel her pain. But hope is not what I am thinking you did with her, cause it won’t speak well of you…

    Well I am waiting for part 2….

  3. You just have to continue to mind your business before you start sleeping with her and of course you know the outcome.

  4. I feel for her but I doubt if u will be able to resist touching her in the long run. Anyway, don’t let me jump to conclusion till I read the next part.

  5. Wow. I don’t believe this kind of things still exist… Bro. I would tell you to be careful o. You are not even from that place

    • It still does exist in Quantum. If u go into village in Osun, Ekiti, Kwara even some parts of the middle belt u will find such.

  6. Hummm. Please stop her from coming to your place to seek refuge. Some of the people that accused you of having affairs with her might trace her to your house one day and this will serve as a concrete evidence that can land you in trouble. Again, you can help her find out if there is any agency around that sees to rape cases, if not, she should go to the nearest police station and inform them how she was raped without forgetting to tell them everything else she’s going through.
    If you want to be her messiah, you will need to assist her in pray and also in the area of finance so that she can break free from Baba’s family entirely. You can seek for NGO’s help also but never get carried away in all you do so that she won’t be entangled to you and end up as your wife.

  7. The reason she doesn’t what you to make it public is because of the relationship she have with her boss.

    She might me telling the truth about the relationship abroad, but believe me not, she is still seeing her boss.

    Love is enough, if you truly love her, help her fight her fear and encourage her out of that woman relationship.

    She needs you now by her side.

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