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If Your Bae Doesn’t Talk To You Everyday, You Two Aren’t In Love – Anita Joseph


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Nollywood actress Anita Joseph has stated that one way one can know that there is no love in a relationship is if there’s no daily communication between those involved.

Anita Joseph who has been loud about her marriage to Mc Fish took to social media with her piece.

According to her, no one is ever too busy to talk to the one they love.

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“Some people talk to you in their free Time. Some others free their Time to talk to you. LEARN the DIFFERENCE !!!

No one is ever too busy for the ones they LOVE. If your bae does not talk to you Everyday. Then you two ain’t InLOVE !!

I hope this met you well, but if it didn’t soweeiiiii”.

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Recently, Anita Joseph’s husband revealed that the lockdown is enjoyable to him because he got married to the actress.

Sharing a picture of both of them together, Real MC Fish counted himself lucky to have landed the actress whom he described as beautiful

He wrote: “I get luck sha I’m in this lockdown with this fine ass woman @anitajoseph8 chai omo Na to Dey enjoy lockdown Dey go”.

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Last month, Anita Joseph opened up on why she decided to get married to her man whom some say she’s too ugly for.

“What attracted me to my husband is that he loves God, he’s a power dresser, he speaks well, makes me laugh, respects and adores me and above all, he enjoys my company.

“Our relationship started after we met at an event. It was love at first sight and it was like magic. I settled for MC fish because you know, sometimes you just see someone and you know in your heart that God has settled this one.

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“I was looking forward to it because we were so close; we think alike, behave alike and we love everything about us. When he brought it (the marriage proposal) up, I said why not? It was a beautiful one. Who again I for marry? He’s the best person to marry. So, I’d say yes over and over again.”


Do you agree with Anita Joseph? Drop your views in the comments section below.

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If Your Bae Doesn’t Talk To You Everyday, You Two Aren’t In Love – Anita Joseph
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