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I Almost Became His Side Chick But I Ended Up Saving A Marriage

Please share my story, I guess one or two persons might learn from my experience. I would also like my identity to be hidden.

I am a lady of 25 years, single and a health health professional, last year during my internship program, I met a young nice man(a doctor) in the same hospital where am working, so we got talking and he seemed to be a very cool headed guy.
He started getting closer, then I asked him( are you married?) he tried dodging the question but after seeing that I was serious, he said ‘yes’ with two kids . Then, I told him that we need to maintain our boundaries.
Though we still remained friends cos we work in the same department. Over time, I got to understand that he’s not in good terms with the wife and that’s why he left them to stay alone..
He tried all he could to get me to marry him. I then tried all my possible best to make him understand that no one is perfect. He should try and fix things with his wife.
To cut the long story short, he’s finally working things out with the wife and he’s no longer talking about marrying me or something. I am happy for him and as well happy that I didn’t have any s*xual intimacy with him despite the temptations.
It made me understand that, married men tends to find solace in any lady they see once he’s facing some marital challenges esp from the wife. This does not mean that he doesn’t love her again.
And if a lady is not careful, he get herself into trouble cos once the coast is clear, the man will still go back to wife and you will be stranded.
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Do you have similar stories to share? Where you ever in a position to cheat with a man or woman? What did you choose to do in the end? This is a no judgement zone,share you story with us.
Send your story to:livelystonescares@gmail.com or livelystonesng@gmail.com
Someone might learn from your experience.


  1. That’s true.

    A man cannot do without a woman!

    It may not be for s*xual gains you find yourself in that Man’s life so ladies always define your relationship and don’t get carried away with s*xual fantasies only ending up to be a baby mama you’ll regret all your life.

  2. Well done girl!

    You rose above the situation. Everyone goes through situations of life.

    Rising above the situation is the only way forward. Being a side chick is not God’s plan for anyone,be the bigger and better person.

    The world is full of darkness,dare to be the light.

    God bless you all

  3. I love you Sissie!!!!!
    You are a pride to womanhood,why settle for less when you can have more,why become a sidechick when you can be someone’s front,side,back,middle and total 360° chick.

    What GOD has joined together,let no man put asunder!.

  4. Hello,

    I am proud of you Girl!

    You overcame the temptation. Being a side chic is never good for any woman. Its not even God’s plan for you.

    You have done well, an excellent advice for the singles.

    Your own God given man is coming and he will love and treasure you.

    Keep modeling right

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