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She Is My Wife,Not My Sugar Mummy-Kannywood Actor, Abdulaziz Shuaibu


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Kannywood actor, Abdulaziz Shuaibu, was a while back the talk of many people when he decided to get married to a woman 12 years older than him. In a recent interview with BBC Pidgin, the 30-year-old actor opened up on how he met his 42-year-old wife and how he looked past the age factor to be with her.

“What I’ll say is it was love that happened for me and Hajiya Bilkisu. If you find someone you love, age won’t matter, so I wasn’t bothered that she was older than me,” he said.

Shuaibu says love and not age is what matters/BBC Pidgin Source: UGC On how they met, Abdulaziz admitted that she was the one who approached him and expressed interest after seeing him on a popular northern series on TV. The actor says he saw nothing wrong with what she did.

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She Is My Wife,Not My Sugar Mummy-Kannywood Actor, Abdulaziz Shuaibu

Abdulaziz wey be 30 marry Hajiya Bilkisu Zailani wey be 42 years and e yan say na love at first sight even though she senior am with 12 years.

S*x and di sugar daddy

“Wetin i go tok be say for me and Hajiya Bilkisu na love happen, if you meet pesin wey you love age no go matter, so i no look say she senior me at all.”

Abdulaziz admit say na Hajiya Bilkisu first approach am after she watch am for di most popular TV series for northern Nigeria for dis time ‘Kwana Casain’

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After she see me for the TV series, she develop interest and she now approach me and i no see anything wrong for wetin she do.”

Di thing wey dey dia be say Hajiya Bilkisu go dey share Abdulaziz with anoda woman since e get anoda wife before e marry her.

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“I get anoda wife before so Hajiya na my second wife which for Islam e dey allowed to marry up to four wives.”

Abdulaziz say im love with Hajiya Bilkisu na forever love but e turn down BBC request to speak to her saying she be pesin wey no like to tok for media.

Finally, e advise young pipo say make dem no see older women as sugar mummies only, dem fit find love for dia.

“Most young pipo when dem see older woman na only sugar mummy side dia mind dey go and e dey wrong, any pesin fit find love anywhere.”


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