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My Neighbor and His Wife Seduced My Wife,Now I Am Ashamed

Good Day Admin,

I dont know why women are so gullible. Why some women will never listen to their husband is the reason that they will meet their downfall. My wife of seven years has just betrayed me and I dont know if I can ever forgive her.

Last October,a new neighbor moved into our yard. It now happened that the neighbor’s wife is from the same area with my wife from Cross River. So they became friends. Before you know it,my wife was always going to their house. I am a business man,I am hardly at home,I leave around 5.30am to beat the Apapa traffic everyday so I dont know how long my wife stays with them cos she just has a petty shop in front where she is selling recharge card and other things.

But I started becoming uncomfortable with this when my wife started telling me so many private things about this couple. She used to tell me that the woman always gist her how the man handles her s*xually. That she wishes I used to handle her like that. I told her she should not believe everything the woman is telling her. But every day,my wife will just be telling me stories about our neighbor and their s*x life. She started complaining that I am not willing to cooperate with her to try some of the s*x tips she is getting from this our neighbor. At a point,I started to warn her not to go there anymore. I told her to focus on her business and taking care of the children.

After a while,I stopped hearing her tell me about our neighbor,I thought she has finally gotten her senses,so I was happy. Only for me to come back one evening and discover my wife and that our neighbor’s wife fighting. A crowd had gathered and looking at them. In fact,the fighting was so bloody that my wife already has a swollen face. I quickly intervened and separated them. It turns out that the woman was accusing my wife of trying to seduce her husband. That she caught my wife and her husband in a very compromising posture. According to her,my wife’s allowed her husband to touch her breasts. That she came in and saw that my wife’s blouse was already removed half way and her husband was squeezing her breasts. That my wife was always complaining that I was not satisfying her s*xually. I was shocked. I eventually took my wife inside and started to interrogate her.

My stupid wife started to cry and beg for forgiveness. That our neighbor set her up. That they were all together gisting in the neighbors house when the wife got up to go and buy something. Then,the neighbors husband came to her in the guise of teaching her some s*x tips that him and his wife engage in. According to her,the woman left so that my wife will not feel shy. My wife said she declined but that the man just got up on her and started to remove her blouse and squeeze her breasts.She said she actually began to fight him off when the wife returned,raised an alarm and the fight broke out.

My wife says she believes they deliberately wanted to disgrace her that’s why they set her up when the woman pretended to go out to buy something. She said that the couple is jealous of us that we have two cars and appear to be richer than them. In anger,I went to confront the man. This crazy man said it was my wife who threw herself at him,complaining that I was not taking care of her s*xually. What an insult.

I have been thinking about my wife and how stupid she is. If only she listened to me when I warned her of her association with this couple. Why did she go against my instruction to go back to their house after I warned her? Now the entire yard is mocking us..what kind of thing is this? How are my even sure that this my wife is telling the truth that this man has not even slept with her already?

I am so angry and I have told her to move out of my house. She is begging me and saying nothing happened. I am like just wondering,how can I forgive such a thing?Its not that I caught her in adultery but it was close. I dont know,please you people should advise me.






  1. Oga calm down…. From the way you narrated this story first your wife isnt satisfied with you guyz s*x life and the new neighbour are putting fantasy in her head and as you know and idle hand is a devil workshop..when she started telling u..you should have work on your s*xual life not just shutting her up and through that advise her but all is done now …I will advise you to forgive her and let bygone be bygone she isnt just wise enough

  2. Sending her Away is not the solution! Remember you sign for better for worst,. So work on your s*x life, relocate if possible, and learn the way to Advise your wife in a way she will understand you better.
    With this few point I hope/think that your problem can be solve finally

  3. Your wife brought this mess upon herself,so does it mean she just realised that you have not been satisfying her on bed after 2kids or what? Evil association corrupts good manners, you people were living happily until she started associating herself with the sex coach(your neighbour’s wife). She has to be very careful okay.
    Please forgive her,I know she must have learnt her lesson now,keep loving her and caring for her,it is well with you.


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