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My Worst Fear Finally Happened-Please Help: Man Writes


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Firstly I will like to apologize for any errors made while typing, and I am seriously in need of ur advice and criticism.

My name is Stanley(not real names) married for 4years with two Lovely kids both female with d eldest at age 4. Trust me I cherish and love my family. I am a graduate while my wife dropout from the university cause of some money issues her single mother had while she was sick.

After our first child I made sure she got admitted to a polytechnic and thankful she just rounded up her N.D all expenses paid by me, with high hopes of Getting admitted for her HND.

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The problem started after our first child, my wife attitude towards s*x changed totally, she would never let me touch her or play with her, calling her pet names will usually end in quarrel, I spoke with her her severally, pleaded and beg her most times but her attitude never changed,

She made me feel like I met nothing to her, yet she will always fight with me whenever ever she suspects I have a girlfriend, fights with any female that comes close to me through calls or chats, she even went as far as beating up a lady that needed my help thinking I was dating her.

Fast forward to recently, her mom who is a single mother relocated to stay with us, and during her stay we had some misunderstanding about money issues, (note both me and wifey are gainfully employed in the ratio of 10:4, but 60% of wifey salary goes to her mom while she spends the rest 40% anyhow she likes) during d money issues a frd of hers came and told both of them that she see saw me flirting with a lady.

And without hearing my own side of the coin my mother in-law rained curses on me , reported my to all her family members and left my house angrily, two days later my wife took our children and left my house while I was in d office, I called about her where about and she said she won’t tell me and she said I will hear from her family soon, her mom called a family friend saying she will sue me.

It’s been one week now and I don’t know the whereabouts of my kids.

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Should I report to the police or what?

Note I have apologized to wife for the crime I didn’t commit yet it seems they want a bigger pound of flesh.

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Please kindly advise me caused am depressed and confused


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  1. If you know fully well your wife is not comfortable with female friends around you then cut off from them..it’s not happening the first time so you should know better.
    You don’t share what you don’t eat with your teeth…

  2. Comment: Report to the police or a lawyer incase she want to file for divorce. Dont she has male friends? she may fall out of love with you. For her mother to curse you show she’s not a good mother. Leave her alone let her carry the responsibilities for a while…. I hate nonsense

  3. This is actually sad, as in very sad. What type of jealousy is this ? Involve a lawyer and the police. First pray that God will direct you to honest and sincere police.

  4. If you are truly sincere that all her allegations are false, then, first of all seek for the intervention of extended family members.
    Get elders from your side and her side and see if the matter can be solved inwards. That is if the restrictions in movements will not be a problem for the gathering.
    Where that is not possible, you may have to seek for intervention from the police.
    It is quite unfortunate.

  5. Take your elders to her house and solve this issue that’s if she’s ready to come back to her right senses…She doesn’t have a mother truth be told…Please you have a lawyer, do well by informing him…I know they would file a divorce and you should be ready for it…Do as if all these doesn’t have an effect on you and let her do whatever she wants…I know she would regret this but by then,I pray it’s not too late for her…

  6. Please as fast as u can get the help of a lawyer n police to look into the matter and talk to ur pastor about everything,let ur family also come together to delibate on the mata, before it get out of hand,n u really need to be calm n please try not to get depressed, it’s not a good idea to be depressed. N i really don’t know y some evil forces that calls themselves friends always want to destroy peoples homes in the name of friendship.ur wife should stop seeing that her so call friend, she’s a bad influence on ur wife, she’s bad news n wants to destroy ur home by all means. Another thing,went all of these is over,u n ur wife should try to see a counselor,hope she has not been raped,that made her to change so drastically


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