HomeAdviceHe Tore Their Marriage Certificate -Does This Mean Their Marriage Is Over?

He Tore Their Marriage Certificate -Does This Mean Their Marriage Is Over?


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I have problem that am confused on which I need an advice. Base on my relationship.He is 31 and am 24.

We have dated for a year now, he knew my family and has made his intentions known to him though at first I object it cos I don’t want us to rush or keep my people waiting.

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Now, what am worried about is, before we started dating he told me that he has once been married but didn’t pay her bride price cos of the family misunderstanding they had court marriage.

Now he is separated from her cos the same lady family is against it, they someone they want for their daughter, so he destroy the Court marriage certificate and they are no longer together.

However, few weeks the lady sent me her own copy saying that am with her hubby which I told him he says he told her to destroy hers.

At this point what do u advice I do?


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  1. They are still legally bind(don’t make that mistake)… Destroying his own copy doesn’t mean they ain’t together… Be wise and watchful

  2. He is still married to the lady, certificate or not. A marriage doesn’t exist in the paper. If he told you he was divorced that would have been a different thing altogether. Please Madam stay away from that man, how come he didn’t go to court to legally dissolve their marriage?

  3. Hello,

    Please leave that man alone immediately. His marriage is as legal as anything legal.

    Tearing a marriage certificate is not the same as divorce. He needs to approach the courts to dissolve the marriage.

    And for the fact that the woman confronted you that you are with her husband shows she is not done with the marriage…

    So you have to back off…you are the intruder here. Do not be deceived ….get away from him before you get hurt or heartbroken.


  4. Please move away from the Guy you are the intruder here. Tearing a wedding certificate doesn’t equate divorce. Look for your own man not another person’s husband.


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