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I Dont Think I Will Ever Love Any Lady After I Become Rich And Successful! Advice Him


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At this stage of my life when am still on the journey of my dream is when I thought am suppose to find a true lover who will be with me and enjoy the fruit our labour in the future but the opposite is the case because ladies am meeting and dating are all after the here and now, even the ones that pretend to love you will start showing you their real character after few moments in the relationship.

Am not poor, I can provide the basics of my life and even for my siblings but I can’t call myself rich for now because am still young and building my future.

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I don’t think I will ever love or be committed to any woman if I become rich and successful in the future because when I needed true love must have past by.

I may just have baby mamas, s*x mates but not any lady I will ever call a lover. Even if I eventually marry I won’t be committed to her because I know she never came into my life when I was still struggling.

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PS: He needs your ADVICE!

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