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I Fell In Love With My Neighbor But I Think She Only Wanted To Seduce Me


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I Fell In Love With My Neighbor But I Think She Only Wanted To Seduce Me

I really want to remain anonymous because the person I am writing about is an avid reader of your blog. She introduced me to blog and I read the articles and advice you and the readers give everyday. That is why I want you to post this so she can read it and see that I am serious

So,I moved into my apartment last year,specifically in February last year. It was a major upgrade for me,from my one room face me I face you,I moved into a 2 bedroom self contain in Magodo estate (name has been changed for this story). I had a girlfriend whom I was in a relationship with for almost one and a half year.

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But soon as I met Gina (not real name), my neighbor in one of the other apartments, I lost my mind and it was like magnet. We met and introduced ourselves and I was truly captivated by her smile and beauty.

Gina is a single lady of 42 while I am 34 but she has the body and looks of a 25 year old beauty queen. I did not mean to but we became friendly. I knew she liked me because it was obvious I was flirty with her and she did not reject my advances.

I found out that she was in a relationship too but the guy is married or separated but that did not stop the chemistry between Gina and I . She invited me to her apartment for dinner and she is an excellent cook I  must say. I wanted to know why she was not married…why being stuck with a man who is not really available?

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Gina confessed that finding the right man has been a challenge. Men she dated just wanted her for s*x or were married…others felt threatened by her status,etc. She decided marriage was not for her,so she just sleeps with the guy,for her sexual needs.

Well,that night was unforgettable for me.  I have never made love to any woman like Gina. She is extraordinary. I knew I wanted her. That was how our relationship started. We practically moved into her place. My girlfriend found out about us and she broke up with me. Gina also broke up with her dude.

I know,I was wrong but the attraction and love for Gina is real and strong. I have never been this happy in my life. Gina gives me peace of mind,the s*x is great,conversation is great,we laugh a lot,we spend all our time when not working together. We spend all weekend with each other.

We met her family last December. Her parents are like the coolest. Her father even invites me to have drinks with him sometimes even though I have not had the time to. My sister and elder brother have spoken to Gina on the phone and they are cool with her.

Seeing how things have gotten serious with us,I have been talking marriage to Gina but she says marriage is not in her plan anymore. That she cannot marry me because of my age. She feels that the 7 year gap between us is too much.

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All my efforts to convince her is falling on deaf ears. We both love each other but Gina feels that things might change in future if we both get married.Her reasons are simply unreasonable but she has refused to listen to me.

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She feels she will age faster because of the age gap and that she may not be able to have children because she is already experiencing menopause. She feels me and my family will hate her if she does not give birth.

Much as I know I would have children with Gina,to me,if we did not have any child,I am completely fine. I do not care also if she ages faster than me or if her looks change afterwards.

That was when Gina confessed that she had plastic surgery years ago. Well, that explains why she looks as sexy and curvy. I really do not mind. Her personality is sweet enough for me. She then mentions that she had a bad abortion,that could mean, she would never be able to have a child and she has accepted that.

To me,Gina is just giving me all the excuses to throw me off from my decision to marry her. I have agreed to be with her even with her reasons. Yet, she is not convinced. Do you know Gina broke up with me two weeks ago? She said she cannot continue to lead me on knowing she does not want marriage but I want marriage. She wants me to move on.

How else am I supposed to convince Gina? She knowing I will keep trying to convince her,Gina moved out of her apartment and has been staying somewhere for the last two weeks. Her rent expires soon and I suspect she may not want to renew so she can stay away from me.

I have begged her,prayed for her…done everything I can just to show her that she can give me a chance but she does not want me. Now,I am feeling like there is more she is not saying to me. I am even wondering if she truly loved me? Was this just about s*x for her? Did she try to seduce me for nothing?

I really do not want to believe she used me and dumped me. I want to believe her feelings for me are genuine. I spoke to her mother about my intentions and asked her t beg Gina for me. Her mother agrees that the age difference is a concern but she promised to talk to Gina for me.

I could have any woman I want today. I even left my ex for her..But I have experienced mature and loving relationship…why can’t that happen?

Gina is also a grown independent woman. I am not sure anyone can convince her on anything if she does not want to be convinced. She sent me a text that she has moved on with her former dude… She probably said that to make me feel jealous or enraged, so I can leave her alone…

What else should I do? Should I really move on? Please advise me.


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I Fell In Love With My Neighbor But I Think She Only Wanted To Seduce Me
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  1. She made it clear from the beginning that she didn’t want marriage, but sex to satisfy her needs. You keep begging her to marry you.
    Would you prefer she puts in for divorce after getting married to you when she gets bored with you and wants someone new?
    You are trying to change her mindset, which is not an easy thing to do, because, people have to make up their minds to change, you don’t force them to.

    Please, let her be. Forget about her.

    You said you prayed? Good, pray that God gives you the woman that is your own wife .
    He will.

  2. She is too scared to commit to you giving the present circumstances of age, child bearing and all. You may understand but what about your family members? Are they going to understand? People also change, are you going to change after marrying her?

    Give her time to process these things, maybe her mum will be able to convince her or she may let go of her insecurities and come back to you.
    But don’t pressure her, keep your distance.

    If she finally agrees you need a more convincing argument. How far are you willing to show your commitment can you do a legal bidding document that you won’t pressure her for babies? Or is she open to adoption/surrogacy?

    Having said all, bear in mind that not everyone will get married. Some people have made up their minds not to get married.

  3. Oga leave her alone,don’t allow love or infatuation to blind your eyes oooo,there are enough reasons why you cannot be with her ooo
    .Look for somebody else,I rest my case

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  5. Ok dude,

    I think this was just a fling for this lady o.

    Cos….no lady would refuse would refuse a marriage proposal after waiting for so long.

    Yes…the age difference is much but from what you said…she is cool with you,I do not think its just about the age difference.

    I think she likes you for the s*x but not as a husband material.

    My advice…let her go?

    If she changes her mind…good for you…if not…its time to end that chapter of your life.

    Life goes on.


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