Home Advice Her Boyfriend Is Ugly But He Wants To Marry Her-Pls Advise

Her Boyfriend Is Ugly But He Wants To Marry Her-Pls Advise


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My Friend’s Boyfriend Is Ugly But He Wants To Marry Her-Pls Advise

Good Morning ma,

My friend needs your advice.

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She wrote, I met this guy, he is 39 and he is my dream guy, he is everything I prayed for, he has every quality I asked God of my future hubby. He is a Christian.(They met after a church service).

We are both Catholics, he approached me that fateful day we exchange contact and we were communicating to each other very well.

Three weeks later he asked me out for a date. We try to know more about each other, we have been in touch with each other for about two months now, he told me that he wants to meet with my family and that he want to marry me.

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He has been on my neck to talk with any of my family and also for me to meet with his but I have been given him excuses simply because he doesn’t have a cute look on his face.

He has all the quality that I need but he is ugly looking, I don’t no what to do, I refused to accept the feelings I have for him cos he is ugly. Pls I need help am a beautiful lady and am 25 years old.

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This not the first time but I always refused cos of they look. Thanks

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Her Boyfriend Is Ugly But He Wants To Marry Her-Pls Advise
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  1. If he has all the qualities you need in a husband, I believe you can marry him. Looks can always be worked on. I’m not saying he should use bleaching products but there are organic products one can use to get smooth skin.
    In all, the decision still rests on you.

  2. Please whats your definition of ugly?
    Is he blind, lame, cripple? Or he has scars on him? Let me first tell the problem is that u are thinking of what people will say… if he possess all the good qualities u want in a man then please go for him… one he’s matured and that will be a great blessing for you…… plus I’ll advice you start helping him take care of his body face especially. Get him a good cream not bleaching cream oo. Change his hair cut style… his dressing style also help him work on it.. after a month or two you will realise is fine dude after all….. believe me this is not an issue and don’t keep him waiting for too long before he change his mind…. kisses and hugs
    God bless you

  3. This life no balance, who look help?You better marry a good man and forget looks ooooo,make haste while sun shines,I rest my case

  4. *Nobody ugly” . What if you marry a “fine man” today and tomorrow he goes dumb, lame , …
    Since he has all the qualities you want in a husband do not say NO cos of his looks. My two Kobo.

  5. Don’t marry him. Wait for your spec. He will arrive hopefully before you clock 30. You still have few years to gamble with. You obviously don’t deserve the young man. He will find someone sonner or later who appreciates his looks and other qualities. She will also love him unconditionally and proud to introduce him to her klith and kins.

    Stop leading him on. Tell him your mind and why he should move on. It is better than waste both his time and yours.

  6. Bae if he love you and well to do to take of you marry him,his look should not be the barrier, provided he have a good heart and have a good plans for you in the future with your yet unborn offstrings

  7. She’s still a child that’s y she still behaves childishly,u don’t want to marry a man becos he’s not good looking ? Moreover, what’s ur definition of ugly ?,but wait o,who good looking hepp for Heaven’s sake? Maybe u are not yet ready to settle down,since u are still 25yrs,u May still have sometimes to gamble,so suit urself n do as u please, but please don’t keep him waiting,if u are not ready let him know so that he can quitely fyn his way. By the time u marry a good looking man n peace runs away from ur home ,na that time ur body go tell u something. Enjoy the rest of your day

  8. Dat is d problem with we ladys.. U can change ur man 2 what u want in his look….i totally agree with mamaK advice

  9. You obviously don’t love that man.
    And definitely does not deserve him.
    “He’s ugly”. Please, what is the definition of beauty, or being ugly as the case may be?
    Stop leading him on and tell him your mind.
    Let him know you don’t want him and let him go.

  10. Nawa ooo this life no balance at all. Please what’s your definition of ugly cos no man is ugly. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. A man you claim is fine might not be fine In someone else’s eyes and man you claim is ugly can be a cute dude in another person’s eyes. Please if you aren’t ready to settle down don’t lead the young man on. Just tell him your mind and take a bow shikena. Marriage no be a do or die affair.

  11. Am very happy for all the advice I read here, my dear sister no man is Ugly and likewise no woman is Ugly, once he has all the qualities you want and you have peace of mind go for it girl and you will see the beauty of God in your home and it will change his facials when you join together. Marrying an handsome good looking man may not give you joy and peace of mind. The Holy spirit will open your eyes to the good things you too will have together. Congratulations dear

  12. Hello,

    You know they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    But if you want to know the truth…beauty fades. But Character is true and forever.

    So if he has a great character,he loves God and treats you like a queen…I see no reason why you cannot marry him.

    You know the story of the princess and the frog?

    If you marry someone who is not good looking but they are kind and great people.after marriage…they begin to look really good because they are in a warm and loving relationship.

    His looks does not make him deformed…and even if he is deformed….his character is the major.

    And what if you in your self acclaimed beauty…get into an unfortunate situation like an accident and you loose your beauty?

    Be wise…you might loose a good man if you keep looking at the wrong thing.

    Wish you all the best.


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