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How My Girlfriend Scammed Me After Breaking Up With Her Ex


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How My Girlfriend Scammed Me After Breaking Up With Her Ex

Please keep my identity private. I had an instant crush on Eve (not real name) when we met in the mall about a year ago. She was shopping for some clothes and the shop POS had debited her twice and she was clearly frustrated waiting for a reversal.

The store promised it would be reversed before the end of the day but she was still worried. I overheard their conversation and I promised her it will reverse. I work in the bank and I know how these things work.

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Eve was so grateful and we exchanged numbers. just in case she still had issues with the fund reversal. I actually took that opportunity to get her number and toast her seriously after that. She told me she was in a relationship but it was not serious.

She allowed me play with her because she wanted to know who is more serious about her. Two months after, she broke up with her dude and began dating me full time. I was in love. The relationship was fun and very exciting time of my life.

In December, Eve wanted to buy a car cos that was her goal before the end of the year. She wanted a Mercedes benz e series. It would cost her like 6M and she had like 3.5M. she asked me if I could help her secure a loan from my bank and I said yes.

However,while we were processing the loan for her,she did not have the major requirements for the loan and I being a good boyfriend,I took the loan on her behalf. I took a loan of 2.5M and gave it to her to get the car. According to her,she had a cousin in US who would help her get the car.

About 2 weeks later,she sent me pictures and update that the cousin has bought the car and was getting ready to ship it down to Naija. But there was a delay cos of covid-19 shut down. So for over 2 months,we kept waiting for the car.

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Three months later,my girlfriend came crying to me and said she has not been able to reach the so called¬† cousin for almost 2 weeks. That his number is switched off and all efforts to reach him prove abortive. I was like,ok,so if he is your cousin,tell your family…maybe they can find a way to reach him.

It was at that point that Eve told me that he is not really her cousin but her ex boyfriend. The same guy she broke up with to be with me. Obviously the guy had relocated back to US after they broke up and she reached out to him to help him buy a car thinking they were still friends.

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Sounds crazy right? So,its either EVe is the dumbest woman on earth to trust her ex with 6M after a break up…or both of them have just tried to scam me. I am not accepting this crap from Eve. I have told her to just return my 2.5M before the end of August 2020 or I will eb involving the police.

Her mother and siblings have called me several times to beg. All claiming that Eve made a mistake but she never connived with her ex to defraud me…that Eve over trusts and that is why she even trusted her ex to help her get a car.

Eve is begging me to forgive her and give her a second chance. She promised to pay the money back if I give her some time. But how do I still be in a relationship with someone who lied and told me she was dealing with a cousin when she was dealing with her ex?n what if she actually tried to defraud me with her ex? I am having serious trust issues with her.

Should I just be calm and wait for her to return my money or should I involve the police? is there any hope for the relationship for us anymore? I need ya”ll advise.

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  1. In the first place. She isn’t smart when it comes to money… Next. She lied. And would have kept the lie of you hadn’t found out. If it’s gonna cost you alot. I would say you shouldn’t allow emotions get in the way. And collect your money. Then go your way.
    But if it’s not gonna cost you. You may want to give her a second chance. But use your head this time

  2. Let her show you prove of transfer of the money to her ex by requesting for bank statement. If you her willing to purse your money, you can involve the police and the ex can be tracked.

    If you can prove her genuineness then you can decide if you want to continue a serious relationship with her. Otherwise dissolve the relationship and go separate ways.

    But if she is found guilty, it is your call to prosecute her or let go of the money.

  3. Orisirisi,,hummmmm.Can’t believe this story is true.Like seriously, you gave a girl such amount of money to buy a car not even to invest in business,car of 6m and you never advised her to do something else with the money,even if it
    means getting a land and now you want to involve the police,as in you want to arrest your girlfriend.Anyway my candid advice is for you to give her 6months to pay up and break up with such a materialistic lady,she can’t pay you in August, take it or you leave it.If she doesn’t then you can involve the police,I rest my case ,thank you.

  4. hello,

    It appears you may have been played by a script. I am still trying to understand how someone you meet,breaks up with her boyfriend for you in less than 3 months?

    I think you should have her write an undertaking with the police when she will pay you back your money.

    That relationship was built on lies….and the is no future in it. Just make sure you collect your money before she too disappears into thin air like her so called ex.

    All the best.

  5. Do everything in your power to collect your money back !

    If you actually believe in her after getting back your money, you may renew your relationship on a New platform.

    Wishing you the Best !

  6. Jesu uncle love really blind your eyes hah 2.5m in this kind time that we are not even for business car ye mo ge uncle collect ur money oooo u don enter 419 hand

    • Bros oh, collect ur money oo, collect am with everything were dey ur body,no gree make that girl n her boyfriend use u shine, collect ur money with everything force

      That girl na complete scam

  7. Nawa oooo……uncle,from the story,you didn’t tell us where she works or the kind of business she does.for a single lady to want to drive a car of 6m sounds really outrageous to me.The truth of the matter is that you have been scammed, she’s only bringing in her people to beg you,so it would look real.your babe connived with her ex to defraud you.shikena!!

  8. You have been duped, get the police involved as soon as possible to avoid her disappearing into thin air too like her ex. You seem like a generous person, Please next time be careful let people not take your kindness as foolishness.

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