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How Do I Continue To Deal With My Husband’s Inappropriate Behavior?


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How Do I Continue To Deal With My Husband’s Inappropriate Behavior?

Good evening,

Hmmmm,I don’t want to draw to making conclusion but am confused. My husband is a Teacher in a school, he is very friendly and everyone likes him. But there is this parent who always calls him almost every day.

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In this corona season that we are home she always uses her son as an excuse to call my husband.When I complain, my husband says its nothing but I don’t believe him. Like last time, around 10 pm ,she called my husband only to tell him she took alcohol and she has gotten her menses.

This woman calls him to tell him everything. She is a single mother. My husband will tell me it nothing and that he only helps her cos of her son and also some advice her but he goes to her house. I had an argument with him because of her. Ma,is this normal?

My husband has betrayed me on couple of occasions and my biggest problem is I don’t trust my husband so when he goes out, I am not comfortable. It hurts cause he has made a similar mistake and it has caused him so mush,so am shocked.

One time,he slept with his best friend, a single woman too.I believed they were friends so I was ok when he says he is going to her house.

Please is it advisable to confront the situation or just ignore it? It really hurts ma…

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  1. Your husband is dating that single mother of one,there is no point confronting him,he already knows that you know about his affair with the woman,just ignore him,take care of yourself and your beautiful children. Make sure he doesn’t infect you with any rubbish and please always pray for him so that he will realise the wrong he is doing and then come back to his normal self,don’t know why the woman should be telling him about alcohol and menses,odikwa egwu.Umu woke

  2. I do not think it’s okay and normal. He may he having an affair with this lady for her to be telling him things she ought not to tell her.

  3. This is totally wrong, it’s either the woman is into him or both of them have something going on…..hmm, this one don pass becareful…..ma’am please, have a heart to heart talk with him cause he already knows.

    • I just don’t how some women derive joy in being another woman’s problem.

      Please talk to your husband about how you feels and after that please take things ease in Timaya’s voice, this life I can’t kill myself

      • Confront the lady and warn her to stay clear from your husband that you are not comfortable with her friendship with your husband but try not to fight or quarrel with her or your husband, do it in a very diplomatic way for this first stage.

  4. It’s not normal, you should sort it out immediately, that is if they are not already having an affair.

    Call your husband to order and tell him to stop that woman from calling him.

  5. Hi,

    Take some time to pray and talk to your husband about how you feel with his behavior. Let him know people are talking and he is embarrassing his family.

    If your husband refuses to listen to you and stop the relationship with this woman, I think you should report your husband to the management of the school. The school should not approve a relationship of their married Teacher with one of their parents.

    In the end…I hope he listens and retraces his step…if he is a hardened cheat,…he may not…then you have to focus on what makes you happy and leave him be.

    You cannot force a grown man to get rid of a bad habit. And do not let his bad habit affect your joy.

    Focus on whats important…your happiness and peace of mind that only God can give.



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