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It is no more news, today, that most single men, including many brothers in church, want to have s*x with the lady they will want to get married to before they really get married to them. And, some ladies, too, insist that they must have a taste of what is to come before they say, “Yes, I do!” Yes, some ladies actually ask for it or initiate the move. Some do so to ascertain the man’s true sexual health condition, and ability, while others do so to own the man, so he doesn’t go looking for it elsewhere. Good.
We all know that. And that is not what this post is all about.

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In this post, all I want to do is to encourage that single lady out there, or the single brother, too, as the case may be, who is going through this tough testing time, and you’re watching the man or lady that seems to be your one lucky chance to getting married on time, slip through your fingers just because you have said that you are not going to give in to s*x before marriage. And then he walks away, and goes to marry another lady who gives him what he wants.
And now they are married and you’re not. Perhaps, this may not even be your first experience of sort. So, now you’re downcast, thinking to yourself how this “no-s*x-thing” before marriage has not helped you all along. You are the focal person of this post. Hear me out.

All that glitters is not gold. They may have seemed like it, but they were not it.
Any man or lady that walks away from you because you didn’t agree to having premarital s*x with him or her cannot be the right man or right woman for you. And I say this with every confidence. He may have seemed like it, but he wasn’t it. God was really saving you from future troubles bigger than you know.
It pays to be sexually pure. You may suffer temporarily for it, but know that the rewards of righteousness far outweighs the seasonal pleasures of sin. Be encouraged. Yours is coming.
Allow me to say, though, that some single ladies are not really being dumped just because they didn’t agree to s*x before marriage. That may be part of it. Not all of it. Did you hear me?
The first reason why he dumped you is because you are “dumpable.” It seemed he was doing you a favor all along, and now he takes his favor away.
It shouldn’t be so. Make yourself “undumpable.” I would love it to be that any man that finally gets the chance to date you and then marries you, will forever remain grateful that you said “Yes” to him.

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And one of the ways to do that is to become a shinning light now. Add real value to yourself everyday. Be financially relevant. Be emotionally sound. Be intellectually stimulating, and maintain a spiritual glow that cannot be undermined in any way.
This means that you must also appear sharp and very descent in dressing and communication. Build your confidence. Mind yourself now and your own business. Let him see you as a blessing, not a burden.Do not panic when you see evil doers prospering. Do not feel like you’re finished or that you’re so unfortunate when you see ladies who engage in indiscriminate s*x before marriage getting married before you.

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Trust in the Lord and keep your body undefiled. For surely, there is an end to your time of waiting. No matter how long you may have been waiting, there is a wedding date set for you in heaven. You must pray that as it is in heaven, so be it here on earth. That no power or mistake will stop it. For it is written, “And your expectation shall not be cut off.” Amen.

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Don’t agree to play side chic to any married man because of any favors or because of money. Keep your body undefiled. If you had been doing it, today is a day of godly repentance. You can be chaste again. You can be sexually clean again. You deserve better.
Date responsibly. Do not jump into anything stupid just because you’re feeling so loved. Date with your head. Keep your emotions under a firm control. Determine the cause of your emotions. Direct your own feelings accordingly. Stop feeling sexually depraved or deprived. There will be plenty of time in the future to have a lot of it. Use the sexual energy now to build a life.


Give yourself to grooming. Remember, you can become undumpable. If the man is not really chasing so hard after you, then you are replaceable. Become irreplaceable and he will marry you not as a favor, but a blessing.

From: Emmanuel Babatunde Olanrewaju(FACEBOOK)

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  1. This is ridiculous, antiquated and frankly not good advice. Sex is perfectly normal and healthy part of being human, there should be no shame in doing it before marriage. There is also no shame in not having sex before marriage, just please understand it will be more difficult for you.

    To be undumpable, you need a deep and real friendship with your partner, getting men to chase you is a great way for them to not want you.


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