Home Advice My Boy Friend Is Desperate, Want to Introduce Me To Dirty Business

My Boy Friend Is Desperate, Want to Introduce Me To Dirty Business

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My Boy Friend Is Desperate, Want to Introduce Me To Dirty Business



Please post for me and hide my id

My guy is asking me to pretend to date his two friends in other to extort money from them
He even told me to always send them my nudes pics anytime they ask for it just to captivate them with it and drive them crazy with it which will make them to be giving me money

This is a guy I do send something for since lock down begin just to fend himself o
This is a guy I do mid night prayers on his behalf for his life to be better oo
He even told them that I’m his sister
One of them is a white man
I feel sold out.

Is this love or what?
Someone I call my love is selling me out so cheaply,don’t you think if we eventually get married and he has no money,he could use me for ritual?
He is on your group too that’s why I want my id hidden,I have never been lucky with relationships ,I don’t know why,why are all these happening to me?

Upon all my sacrifice to him,he still have the gut to do this?
Do you think he really love me like he claim or he is just using me to pass time? I dont ask him for anything,instead I’m the one giving him since he has no job since lock down began

I’m so sad and heart broken, I have started talking to one of them, bt I don’t think I can scam them cause my conscience can’t do it..

I Need Help..




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  1. Leave that good for nothing boy this minute,what nonsense? He doesn’t love you at all,run for your life now,I mean now,that is no relationship. If you have ears please make good use of it but some guys sha,God go judge una,after a lady has sacrificed everything, this is how you want to pay her back okwaya.

  2. Please, he doesn’t love you..
    It’s crystal clear, run for your life.. Please run for your life. Don’t consider doing any of those things and don’t consider continuing with him.
    I pray that God will give you someone who truly loves you, for who you are and not for selfish reasons.

  3. This man is NOT really into you – as in, interested to love and marry you. Go away from the relationship now and channel your prayers to God for your own husband.
    He is not the type to waste your time with.

    Wish you mercy and help from God !

  4. He is not your boyfriend…he is a pimp and he wants to enslave you.

    How do you give another human being such power over you?

    You need to get as far away from him as possible. You cannot stay with him one more minute for your own safety.

    Reach out to family to help you but you need to break ties with this fellow…he is going to get you into deeper problems.

    Think of your own safety first….get out of that very toxic and abusive relationship right away.


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