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I Am Falling In Love With My Former Boyfriend’s Neighbor -Is This Right?


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I Am Falling In Love With My Former Boyfriend’s Neighbor -Is This Right?

Please I have a problem that I would wish our page members will advise me about the issue

I dated this guy for 4 years and in the process, a lot of challenges came up, some includes he dating two friends at the same time and causing misunderstanding between them, and also introducing his course mate to me as a friend and I later got to find out they were dating.

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When he noticed I was suspecting them, he turned the lady against me but we later became best of friends before she died but the guy didn’t know we were so close before she died. But in short, this guy was dating the 3 other ladies including myself, making 4 girls.

Aside that, the guy’s mum said she didn’t like my tribe so it was more than enough reason for me to step back, cause the mum also knew his son was dating all 4 of us, in the house in which the guy lives, there are 6 other tenants in the house but since they have all lived there for so many years, they have become more like a family, where anyone can walk into any tenants rooms to play video games and eat together with their girlfriends.

Whilst all these were going on, all those in the house knew what they guy was doing but none of them told me about it. Eventually, one of the tenants in the house met me in traffic and realize how horrible I was looking back then, but he couldn’t still come up to tell me anything since I haven’t asked him anything concerning they “my guy”…

We happened to meet on campus one day and he actually voice out my thoughts out of me, he actually gave me a listening hear to voice out everything I would want to talk about, though I wasn’t comfortable, trust I needed that ear to hear me out since I had no one to talk to.

After a long discussion, he advised me and we went our separate ways, as the weeks and months unfolds this “my guy” spoke to the same tenants I met months ago to talk to me on his behalf so that we could come together again, but I was so drained to even think of relationship, so I still told him no, no matter what he said, so eventually they all gave up on trying to convince me…..

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The tenant who listened to me about a year ago when I was having issues also now become a close friend and also having issues with his girlfriend, we talk about his girlfriend sometimes and I advised me and that was the only relationship we had between us, eventually his relationship also collapsed and he also became single like me…..

So our friendship became more like we had only ourselves to talk to aside work, fast forward he proposed love to me and I didn’t agree because I felt nothing for him as at that time and because of the whole circumstances of my ex being his neighbor /friend and we all have the same mutual friends around us

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We think they might judge us and feel it was going on all along before the breakup. But it wasn’t like that, I have asked him several times if he had eyes for me all along, but he said no, from how close we have become, we share a lot in common and I’m falling in love with him, but I don’t know if is right,…

Please advise me…


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  1. You said he proposed love to you,please I do not understand? Love is not all about the verbal words ooooo,remember. You better forget that his neighbour that wants to take advantage of you because of the situation on ground.Please invest in yourself, career and attitude, it is well with you.

  2. Hello,

    I just got one question…or a few: didn’t you say your ex cheated on you with several other ladies?

    Why do you feel like you need any explanation to him or anyone about who you decide to move on with?

    I think what you should be worried about is: that this guy doesn’t treat you as your ex did…cos he knows you stayed with a low life man and may think you are a desperate woman and treat bad or worse than your ex.

    Apart from the above concern…I think you owe no one any explanation if you choose to date your ex’s neighbor …they are just neighbors….not blood brothers….so feel free.

    Just be very observant…and make sure he wants you for the right reasons.

    God bless.


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