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My Girlfriend Is An Instagram Model But Is She Taking It Too Far?


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My Girlfriend Is An Instagram Model But Is She Taking It Too Far?

Hello Madam,

I need your advise. My name is Salam (not real name). I am in a relationship dilemma. Last year, I met this very beautiful lady at a wedding. Very attractive and my head was truly spinning soon as I noticed her. I tried to say hello to her and get her attention but she was being overly formal.

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However, as faith would have it, as I drove out of the wedding reception, I noticed she was waiting for a cab. Wow, such a pretty woman without a car. I drove close to her and offered her a ride and she hopped into my car. We exchanged pleasantries and I found out that the guy she came to the wedding actually dumped her at the wedding cos they were arguing.

Long story short, I went in for the kill and we were dating by the next week. Her name is Hawa (not real name). The most fun woman I have ever been with. She told me she was a model and also social media influencer. My first time of meeting one or dating one for that matter. She spent her time on internet all day. Well, that is how many people make money these days right?

But that was also an issue for me cos she was always chatting with many guys. All in the name of social media business. I tried to cope but she seemed so addicted to this business. I had to snoop through her phone and I was not comfortable with what I saw. I saw flirty chats of her with many guys.

Hawa even sent some semi nudes to men. She said sometimes, she sends those pictures to motivate clients to do business with her. She never shows her face though in the pictures. I was truly disappointed and I broke up with her after three months of dating. But I swear to God, I missed her so badly.

I begged her to consider to consider a change of approach to her job and she agreed. We got back together and everything was fine again. Until Hawa came to me and broke up with me by herself. She said that she had to take a job that would give her millions but it would require some explicit pictures and videos of her.

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Hawa decided that her career was more important. She said I was old fashioned…I felt so bad but now, I am beginning to reconsider my stand. The photos she sends out…her face does not show…she calls it art. I mean… I get really jealous…thinking of how men see her naked body but they cannot really tell who she is cos her face is cut off.

Her IG has over 5 million followers. And she makes cool cash from what she does. Like I said…no one knows her in those pictures cos her face is not there. She provides a certain fantasy for people to view her seductive body in pictures and videos without knowing who she is in real life.

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I am very much in love with her…I miss her every day. Should I accept her ….after all…no one knows what she really does. Her face is not exposed and she uses another name to disguise herself.

If you were in my shoes…what would you do?




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  1. Hello brother. Honestly, I will be very honest with you, why do people always want to cause problems for themselves, she sends nudes to men, and you are still thinking whether to continue dating her..she flirts with men just to have business deals, is it until you marry her and she sleeps with different men that you will learn your lesson, you met her today by next week you have started dating…so immature and childish of you bro. I can bet you that lady is a whore, don’t ever date her talk less of marrying her. In your exact words you said “I am beginning to reconsider my stand”..I don’t know what you mean by that if its breaking up again like you said you did before or cos her face doesn’t show in the nudes you are ok with that. My man you are stronger than you think you are. Love yourself, break off from her and be a responsible and well behaved man. I wish all the best. I am Akin.

  2. I dont want to be judgmental but your girlfriend sending seductive pictures to people in other to get jobs is not professional and too risky. Is that the image she is trying to portray for herself? Every career has it own filth but you must stand your ground. When more pressure comes in what will she do? And I think the pressure has come now and being single makes her free to do whatever.
    I think she is at that point in life where she wants to make a brand and “blow” therefore she not ready to be committed to a relationship.
    Its either you take her as she (but she won’t be faithful to you) or leave her to go and focus on her career whatever way pleases her.
    If you like her so much you can wait for her to come back maybe after she has blown, how many years will that be? I don’t know.

  3. Hello,

    What your girl is into is called: virtual pleasuring services…another name for adult services…a mild form of s*x trade or the illusion provided for s8xual satisfaction.

    You need to ask yourself if that is a career you would be proud to know that your wife to be is involved in…

    Whether or not her face is displayed makes no difference…she is commercializing her body.

    If you cannot deal…let her go. Its not just modernization. Its about morals.

    If she truly wants to be a model…she can model with her full clothes on….

    Why commercialize her nakedness?

    Do not forget that our bodies are the temple of the Holy Ghost….its important how we reverence our bodies.

    No judgement here sir. Its your choice.

    All the best.

  4. Let me just say this to you, with know pretends,it’s not love but lost,u are addicted to having sex with her, probably know woman has really made u feel like a real man.Do you think she doesn’t meet with those men physically?she does .so it’s your choice either to enjoy your sex fantasy with her or you move on.


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