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My Relationship Is In Jeopardy But Was It Part Of A Prophesy Or Scam?


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My Relationship Is In Jeopardy But Was It Part Of A Prophesy Or Scam?

I met Wasiu (not real name) 7 months ago in a telegram group that my former course mate added me to. Its a group that sells network marketing products. I am a small business owner cos since I graduated 3 years ago, no job.

I also have not been lucky in relationships. I am 27 years old and I really want to get married…at least before 30. But if its not God’s will, maybe latest,32 years. Wasiu got talking to me about my products and that’s how we became friends. I found out that he stays in Kwara (not real location) and he is into business, he is doing very well for himself too.

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He used to encourage me not to give up as a business woman and not too long, he asked me why I am not in a relationship. I told him, I have not been lucky. He was surprised that such a hardworking and beautiful lady like me was single.

Wasiu asked me out and we began to date even though it was long distance. I am in Enugu. The first time we met, I could not believe how tall and handsome he was. He was clearly smitten by me. He wanted to meet my family and he did. Everyone was amazed at how open he is being from a different ethnic group.

Wasiu also made me travel to come meet his people in Kwara and the were very nice to me. His sister called me and told me that I have to be very prayerful…that she had a vision. That Wasiu is my husband but there will be challenges so I have to pray hard. She also said if we prevail…that my marriage to her brother will be very sweet…I told Wasiu what his sister said and he told me we have to be prayerful cos his sister sees true visions.

For the past six months, I have been very happy in a relationship with Wasiu. We talk everyday. Its not even like we are in different states or from different ethnic groups. We are doing everything to make our relationship work out.

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Everything is going on well until last 3 weeks. Wasiu calls me and told me we need to see. That it was urgent. He sent me money and asked me to take the night bus. I arrived Kwara the next day and he was so eager and troubled. When we got to his place, he broke the news and told me that his ex girlfriend he broke up with is pregnant for him.

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How? He said she came around 3 months ago and things went wild and they ended having s*x while drunk but that he does not want her…its me he wants. First, I was like…is this why you made me take night bus all the way to Kwara state?

To tell me that he cheated on me and now the girl is pregnant for him? That was when his sister came and reminded me about her vision. That there will be challenges but God has shown her that her brother is my husband. She also said that I should be patient that she saw another vision that the baby will  not make it.

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So now, I am angry and wanting to leave this relationship but I am thinking of what the sister said and Wasiu begging me not to give up on us. He is trying to ask the girl to abort the child but the girl is refusing. Wasiu told me not to worry…what should I do?

Should I heed this prophesy?. Or walk away? I am in another state…what if these people are just playing on my intelligence? But what if truly Wasiu is my husband? He is a very nice and kind man…well brought up and truly cares for me. What should I do?

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My Relationship Is In Jeopardy But Was It Part Of A Prophesy Or Scam?
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  1. Please, take a break, and seek the face of God sincerely concerning the relationship. Whether prophecy or not, God can speak to you directly, if you let Him.
    As for the guy, getting involved with his ex to the extent of sleeping with her which has resulted into pregnancy, whether drunk or not, to me, calls for deep thoughts. Has he really left her?
    Look before you leap dear.

  2. I normally tell people don’t marry any man on another person’s conviction, you will surely regret it. Be convinced yourself ,before you say yes. In the issue at hand pray over it and let God speak to you as well , ‘to avoid had I know’

  3. EM madam,

    Whether prophesy or scam…please carry your two legs and run as far as you can.

    This dude is a P.L.A.Y.E.R!!!….and this situation is all shades of red flags.

    He may have genuinely loved you but he also wanted to play …so do you want a solid man or a player?

    I think this relationship is over…except you want to tell yourself a lie …that you can salvage this.

    Lack of trust…unfaithfulness…lies…scam.., prophesy…cheating…is this what you want to brush aside and pretend you will be truly be happily married?

    You deserve way better…I know you will get better…this is not a case of a bird in hand…its about saving your dignity and choosing better for yourself…you could not have waited this long to miss it…

    Wait until you get it right …with someone who may not be perfect but is loyal, truthful and kind.

    God bless.


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