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My Father-In-law Is Evil- He Wants To Destroy My Marriage By All Means-Pls Advise


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My Father-In-law Is Evil- He Wants To Destroy My Marriage By All Means-Pls Advise

Dear Ma,

I need your help. I am in serious trouble. I just want to plead with the readers to be patient with me. Also God to have mercy on me. Because I know I am wrong. I got myself into this mess but right now, I might loose everything if ….

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It all started 3 years ago. By the way, that time. I was 26 years old. I was invited by my friend to her Uncle’s 50th golden birthday. It was the biggest party I have ever been to. It was filled with the richest people in this country. I met many of them and had a good time.

That was where I also met Wilson (not real name). That is my husband. He was in attendance at the party. We got talking and exchanged numbers. But that day, I also met someone, whom I did not know was Wilson’s dad. He asked me to accompany him that night and I spent the night with him.

Wilson’s dad became like a lover who I was with for the money. But like a week after, Wilson contacted me and after talking for sometime, he asked me if I was in a relationship, I told him yes but nothing serious. He said he likes me and that is how we started dating.

I had to break up with my lover…Wilson’s dad. I only dated him for about a week and few days. I still did not know the connection between them at the time. It was when we had been together for like 7 months, that I realized this. I was scared to my boots. I wanted to run away but I was also very much in love with Wilson by this time.

I was conflicted. Wilson invited me to come meet his family. Their mother is late though. Wilson’s father has a new wife…Wilson’s step mother. That is how I found out. At his home, his father and I stared at each other like we just saw ghost. Later on, his father called me aside and said…please do not mention this to my son. That we should keep what happened between us a secret.

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I felt at ease but I was praying to God that was the end of the matter. Long story short, I dated Wilson for a year and half and we got married. I have never been so happy in my life. Wilson is the best man on planet earth.

My marriage has been blessed with a son and I couldn’t ask for anything more. About a month ago, Wilson travelled soon as the airports started flying,. There is this business he has been chasing since early this year…and the investors have been thinking of pulling out when covid broke out but Wilson flew to meet with them in Germany soon as he could.

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My husband has been gone for about a month now. They want him to set up a prototype of the business in Germany for like a 6 months before they can invest in us back here in Nigeria. Because he was going to be a way for a while…my husband told his brother and father to be checking up on us.

And that began my predicament. Wilson’s father comes to our house like once or twice in a week under the guise of checking in with me. But all he is doing is trying to have seduce me and have s*x with me. This happened when he came twice last week.

I asked him why he is doing this…does he want to ruin my marriage to his son? He keeps saying I should stop pretending that I do not want him as well. My involvement with him was before I met his son…why should I be interested with him now?

Yesterday, he came to see us and I tried to lock myself inside my room and he said that if I don’t give him what he wants…he will tell his son that me and him were lovers and that I have been flirting with him. This man is serious. He called my husband immediately…I had to quickly open the door and kneel down to beg him not to say anything.

Ma, that was how I allowed my father in-law sleep with me yesterday. This man says he is in love with me…can you imagine? I know …I know…that is a very big mess. But what should I have done. He was calling my husband. I could not risk him telling him about us like that. I am very happy in my marriage. I do not want to loose my home.

Please what do I do? This father in-law of mine is evil. I feel like poisoning him. Cos, I don’t know his next move. How long before he forces me to sleep with him again? How long will my past with him remain covered? I am so scared. Yes, he said its our secret…no one will ever find out…but its one thing to have him as a lover before marriage, because he said he can’t stop wanting me when he sees me…but I am married…to his son for that matter…I just can’t do this anymore.

He is promising me heaven and earth….house in London, Nigeria…cars,money..etc…I know he will do it cos I know he has several concubines/side chicks which enjoy him.

Before anyone asks me to confess to my husband…please I cannot do it. These are rich people. He will believe his father over me. My husband adores his father. And he is the first son…heir to his father’s empire. My husband told me how his step mother tried to come in-between him and his father but did not succeed.

That when mom died…they  swore no woman will come in-between the family. No way he will risk all that for me. He will also believe his father cos I had the opportunity to tell him that the person I was in a relationship when we met was his father but I kept my mouth shut.

Oh God…have mercy on me. What can I do? I swear…I will put something in his drink if he continues trying to have s*x with me. I am desperate and confused. Help me.

Anonymous Mail


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My Father-In-law Is Evil- He Wants To Destroy My Marriage By All Means-Pls Advise
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  1. This is serious, please stop seeing that man. Talk to your family, have a family meeting with both family members in attendance, explain to them what happened before now,don’t be imprisoned all in the name of they are rich or nothing can come in between father and son,how long do you want to continue with this adulterous character? I do not want to get angry, please I repeat stop seeing that man and do the needful. When your husband finds out it will be worse than hell ,then nobody will believe you.I move,may the Lord help your husband to understand these whole scenario, amen.

  2. This is really sad. I will tell you nothing but the truth. Truth if accepted sets one free. Firstly blackmailers don’t give up easily or at all so far the victim is afraid of the”secret” . Your father in law will never stop desiring to sleep with you, until you conquer the fear of you people secret. I assure you he will never stop. Seek for help. Get your parents involved, work with your husband and expose the secret. The longer it takes the more complex it becomes. Prepare to accept the worst so that you will have a chance to retain the best.
    Sleeping with your father in law is completely indefensible, no matter the picture you paint. Honour and integrity bekons but the depth of character is shallow. The thought of poisoning your father-in-law throws up another deficient aspect of your character. How can you contemplate murder? Seek virtue my dear. Fight for your home honourably reject quick short cuts and cry to God for help.

  3. Ahh. Just like in the movies. But this woman. You are not nice at all o.

    Dated a man for money, double dated with his son, keeps secret from his son, slept with the dad again in marriage, thinking of poisoning him and contemplating being like a side chick because you have seen what he has also done for his other side chicks and you know he can do it.

    For you to do all those things means your character is totally bad. And you don’t deserve your husband. Truth be told.

    You have to forgive yourself, make a decision to change your ways, say the truth to your husband. And open it up. I know it’s easier said than done tho.

    This mess is very serious and except the love between you and your husband is very great.
    Am afraid your marriage may come to an end because of this

  4. Love is the most abused word, you met a guy becsme friends tat night, met another man whi is his father but didn’t know, slept with him, latwr found out slept with him several times, when people say they don’t know what to do they actually know, you want to poison his drink. Its obvious its money you are afyer, I bet you if your husband goes broke you will leave him…people of nowadays lack honesty and integrity. My dear sister, tell your husband right from the first time you met his dad that night, if you can record your calls with his dad that will be good. You said he came to your house, but who opened the door for him, you did, so you knew what you were dpijg all along, but you want to play the victim. All the times he slept with you in your house, you opened the door for him knowing what he wants. My dear sister, i put it to you, you are a greedy person. I doubt if you love your husband, cos you said it at thw beginning of the post that you were with his dad cos of money. Many of you ladies…greed has dominated your hearts…. All the best sister. I am Akin

  5. Hello,

    Your father in-law needs to be exposed. You made a mistake by not calling your husband and telling him the entire truth before you got married…that now,is water under the bridge.

    And then you made things worse by sleeping with him as a married woman…that will be hard to forgive…I hope you can convince your hubby that you had no other choice…he may want to know why you did not try to confide in him from the onset…that is trust broken.

    If you truly want a change…you need to come clean but before you do that…have a plan on how to expose your father in-law for who he is.

    This may or may not guarantee your husband will forgive and forget but at least…you get to expose how evil that old man is…

    So, play ball with the old man…let him think you have agreed with him…set cameras and record your conversations with him. Get your hard evidence…

    And then…call your husband and tell him everything…ask his forgiveness and second chance and also show him the evidence.

    I truly do not know what the outcome will be but if there is any chance that this marriage will survive…you have to take that chance to try and fight for your marriage.

    If all fails…at least you learned a hard lesson. Speak with a lawyer too…incase you need protection from such a powerful family.

    If your husband wants to…both of you can also explore marriage counselling and therapy. Its a long shot…brace yourself for a tough season.

    May God help you come through this.

  6. You’re the evil in that house and not your father in-law. You have come to destroy that family with your witch craft and evil ways.

    Why didn’t you tell your husband getting married to him that you have had sex with his father. Now you want to poison him. If can think I of poisoning him you can poison your husband and their entire family


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