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Do Dreams Come Through? I Am Dreaming Of Another Man- Pls Advise


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Do Dreams Come Through? I Am Dreaming Of Another Man- Pls Advise

Please ma, I will need your advice

I had a friend few years back. We were so much in Love with each other or will I say I Loved him so much but our friendship was just normal nothing serious then he got admission and went to school and he kept inviting me to visit him which I did not have the privilege to do so.

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So we got separated. But now I have someone who has asked for my hand in marriage. But recently I had a dream of how I saw that guy in the dream kissing my friend and I was very jealous and even confronted my close friend.

And at the surprising thing that I can’t get my mind off and still confused is that I profess my Love for the guy(in the dream) trying to kiss him and he was avoiding me and u told him how once I hear his voice or someone mentioning his name that I feel very happy and butterflies will be moving in my stomach.

I know its only a dream but what if it is God’s way of showing me who I should really marry? I never gave him a chance in real life but in my dream…I want him so bad…and he is now rejecting me in the dream…does this mean I should fight for him…or will he reject me in real life if I try to get together with him? maybe he is the one for me?

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Please ma I know you are a counselor in relationships. I need your help cos to be very frank with you I don’t feel the same way with the guy who actually wants to marry me.

What should I do? Do you believe in dreams…is God trying to tell me somethin? Should I act on my dream or face the person who already asked for my hand in marriage?




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Do Dreams Come Through? I Am Dreaming Of Another Man- Pls Advise
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  1. If you don’t feel anything for the guy that has asked for your hand in marriage please let him go and don’t waste his time. You have to really take your time to decide who you want in your life, take sometime before saying I do. It is better you don’t waste your time by waiting for one guy who is probably not thinking or dreaming about you.

  2. You said the guy in the dream has a girl(your best friend) in the dream, pls live him alone, you have a guy that you guys want to marry, im sure you must have told him you love him and will always do but now you thinking of leaving him, how will you feel if its don’e to you, pls explain to your boyfriend the dream and how you loved that other guy (your friend from past), the dream and everything, he will fell bad of cos, but I wsrn you are you sure that other guy loves you, and you said he has girl(your best friend), for me I think you should just stay with your boyfriend, though I don’t know whats happening with you and your boyfriend. Be wise is what I can say. GOD bless you Sister. I am Akin

  3. Hello dear,

    Dreams could be a reflection of your thoughts or sub conscious. Its possible you have feelings for this friend of yours. Did he ever try to ask you out? If he did and you said no, then you could reach out and have a discussion about how you feel about him.

    However, if he is in a relationship already…let it go…that ship may have just sailed. Forget about him in that case and focus on your future.

    No need to get stuck on ‘what ifs’…move on girl!

    I hope the above helps…


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