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My Husband’s Brother Says My Girl Has Seducing Spirits -Pls Advise


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My Husband’s Brother Says My Girl Has Seducing Spirits -Pls Advise

Please I need your help. I am married with children for 3 years now. I have a teenage girl living with me. She is 17 years. She is my distant relative that the family is going through alot of struggling. She helps out at my store and she is very hardworking.

This girl has been with us since January this year. In August, my husband’s youngest brother came to live with us. Things were ok at first but I noticed that not too long, this girl and my husband’s youngest brother seem like they cannot stand each other.

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I tried to probe but she said that my husband’s brother is trying to make her look bad in our eyes so we can push her out of our home. I assured her that no one will send her away. And so, it seemed like I was taking sides with her anytime she and this guy have issues.

Later, my husband got involved and said there must be more to this their constant issues. So, we called both of them and that was when the guy said that the girl has seducing spirit and always trying to seduce him.

I was shocked. That she has on her waist, waist beads…and that she uses it to seduce him. That because he has refused to be seduced…she is making issues with him. And next thing the girl said: that this guy raped her. Log story short…both of them had slept together but the girl is claiming rape.

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I am confused. The guy said she forced herself on him…seducing him. That since that time, he has been running away from her…so he told her he now has a girlfriend…that made her upset and she has been cooking up stories about him.

And she said…he raped her…and has been trying to force her out of our house cos his brother is the head of our home. I feel so terrible this is happening in my home. My husband wants me to send this girl back home but that is what she has been afraid of…hence, she has been telling me for months now.

I don’t know the real truth…was she raped? Did she seduce him? He says he does not want her anymore…yet she is making trouble with him…this my brother in-law is warning me not to keep this girl cos she is possessed…that she comes to make love to him in his dreams. That she truly has seducing spirit.

Now, I am worried…what if its true…is there anything like seducing spirit? Will she also turn on my husband one day? Is there any truth in this? Should I send her away? What if all these is to truly send this girl away when she is innocent? What should I do? Both of them…who should be sent away?



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My Husband's Brother Says My Girl Has Seducing Spirits -Pls Advise
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  1. You and your husband need to talk first then call both of them to tell you the real truth. Or if you can set camera to see if truly she is seducing him, though he said in dreams but I also think of its true she may also try seducing him physically, or your brother in law is lying or the lady is lying. All the best. I am Akin

  2. I think you should arrange with your husband and call a meeting that both of them will be sent away..both of them are not saying the truth..the boy might be relying on the fact that his brother is the head so the girl really doesn’t have a say..
    You don’t sleep with a woman and all of a sudden tell her you are no more interested and that you now have another girl friend and she will still be laughing with you..since the guy is saying she has a seductive spirit and must go she too has come to say she was raped..
    These are young people and must be handled with wisdom and not taking sides of not they will tear your once peaceful home down.

  3. Well, at this point its appears you may have to to send both out for peace to reign. You cant send one away for one and you can keep both too.

    They once had sex and things went south. There’s nothing like seducing spirit in this their story. They reason why the sex stopped and caused enmity between them is best known to them.

    All the best.

  4. Hello,

    Both of them need to leave your house….

    Why? Your girl did not tell you about the so called rape before now…did she?

    She covered it up…or she may say she was scared? But she trusted you enough to warn you of the guy…why didn’t she trust you enough to say she was raped?

    And why did your brother in-law…sleep with her…consent or not? He disrespected you and your husband by his actions.

    I would prefer you save your marriage and children from these corrupt people…help them from afar…let them leave your home before they pollute it further.

    Both of them are lying….

    My 2 cents


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