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Oh God, I Betrayed The Love Of My Life-How Do I Make Things Right?


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Oh God, I Betrayed The Love Of My Life-How Do I Make Things Right?

Pls ma I need ur advice.

My name is Favour (not real name). I have been in a relationship for a year now.
We were in love, he loves me so much, but he has been doubting me of not being faithful to him, I told him abut my past, including my past relationships.

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Though, I met him at my place of work, that was were we fell in love. He hacked my WhatsApp, which I don’t know. So, there is one of my friend who promise to help me. This guy called me and I went to meet him, all what we chatted about, my guy saw it.

So we had serious issues but with God we resolve it, but my guy will tell me that my past is hurting him which I understand. Not that I am prostitute, but for him to know that I have dated before, but still the love go stronger, even with the fact that he knew I had kids he still love me wit my kids and planning to get married to me next year.

But just yesterday night he called me and was angry, he said that man I went to meet months ago I slept with him, and he had full evidence so I admitted, it was not an intentional act I did not plan to cheat on him, the man forced me, but I couldn’t come to tell him what happened that night, and now he said he can’t continue with the relationship.

That he can’t forget the fact that I slept with another man, he was heart broken and he was crying, I felt bad for hurting a man that has done nothing to me than to love me, I love this guy with all my heart, I don’t want to loose him.

How do I explain to him that I did not mean to cheat on him, how do I beg him to forgive and take me back me, I am willing to make amend, he has blocked me from every means of calling him.

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Pls what should I do, am loosing it…


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  1. Nne come oooo,how can you say he forced you?Abeg drop that gist,amend your ways,be faithful especially if the guy is not a cheat. You have to find a way to beg him,let him know you are sincere and have changed for good. It is well with you

  2. My dear sister, be strong, your having sex was an intentional act, you said the guy wantee to help you, thats not even hell at all, its wickedness. Unfaithfulness is like the most thing that kills relationships and marriages, and also you never confesed to him of it, he found out by himself, you see cheating can never be justified, so you knew what you were doing all along, for me, just move on, cheating hurts a lot, work on yourself, and don’t justify fornication, its a wicked act that leads to the abyss…flee sexual sins. I love you sister. I am Akin.

  3. Keep begging and give him time to process it. You really hurt him.
    How will he know you have changed? What can you do to prove your loyalty to him?
    Be the best of yourself and stop fooling around with people

  4. Hello,

    This is really awful. You betrayed his love and trust and that will be very hard to rebuild.

    Please be very careful…are you sure you truly realize what you did?

    The guy you claimed forced you…you did not have to go see him…and you did not report the forceful behavior…seems like you wanted to deliberately keep this a secret….

    Please ask God to forgive you…ask him to forgive you and give you a second chance but do not keep lying…

    Write him a letter…showing how truly sorry you are….then let him be.

    If your actions truly show you are sorry and repentant…he might reconcile with you but if he chooses not to…move on and never put yourself in such compromising situations in future.

    You should do better…be faithful and be loyal.



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