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Will My Boyfriend Leave Me For Another Girl, What Will Happen In Future?-Please Advise

Will My Boyfriend Leave Me For Another Girl, What Will Happen In Future?-Please Advise

Dear Jzhane,

Good day,
Hope you are doing well. I am an ardent reader of your blog and it has been quite helpful to me I must say. Mine is not an issue but I need your advise. I’m in a relationship with a guy that I am 2 years older than…we have been friends from the University.
I met him through my best friend and roommate then in school, we were not really into each other cos then I was in a relationship, fast forward to this year we started talking and and things got serious we started dating last month.
One day we were talking and he asked me if I have ever lied to him since we started dating and I told him no cos I have not, I asked him same and he said yes that he has once, I asked him what it was and he said he will tell me when we see, I decided not to push till we see cos he said what it was wasn’t a big deal to him.
Two days ago, as we were discussing something brought the topic again and I asked him to tell me cos I wouldn’t want something that would ruin my mood when am with him, well he decided to tell me: He is two years younger than me.
It came as a shock, I had to end the call, when I called him back and asked him why he lied he said that he didn’t want me to have a change of heart or say no to him as he was already in love with me that to him it was not a big deal but that he couldn’t hold it anymore cos he knew if I found out myself it wouldn’t end well…
We had a long discussion and I told him my fears, I wouldn’t want to be with him and and the end he would chose someone younger, again I don’t know when he will be ready to settle down cos he is young though he is doing well, what will his parents say when they find out.
He assured me that he was totally in love with me and it will always be me like he said, his parents have no much say as he is the one dating me and getting married to me as and they wouldn’t even know cos I look younger, that I have nothing to worry about.
Jzhane,I am scared, I think about it and I don’t know if I should continue.He is everything I want in a man except age, he understands me and loves me just the way I want to be loved and I can’t even see myself breaking up with him cos am so much in love with him.
I am just feeling somehow and I decided to talk to you, am I making the right choice?? Sorry for the long post.I will waiting for your response
Thank you
Anonymous email
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  1. Age is a number ,what matters most is his character and other aspects to.look into in marriage, and you said he carries it all so I’ll say go with it girl and seek clarification from God if it is his will his age should not bother you

  2. This thing get as e be o.

    Cus I have seen younger guys that have stayed with the older lady maybe cus of what he gets from her or he is used her to pass time.

    The again. I hav also seen younger guys marrying older ladies.

    But you should thread carefully. Tho we say age is not a problem.

    But it is kind of a big deal to most individuals in this part of the world.

    And issues may arise later. Are you sure you are gonna give him that full respect.

  3. Thank you for reaching out. Yes, your fears are valid.

    However, its not impossible for a man to marry someone older than him and live a successful married life.

    All depends on the couple,especially the man. He may have to constantly assure you that this is not a problem,cos your mind will always tell you,it is a problem.

    Lots of Maturity…patience….kindness….empathy…emotional intelligence will be needed on both sides.

    You both can also attend a pre-marital counselling class if your relationship progresses….he needs to know that in future,there is possibility for him to misread some of your actions as the fact that you are older than him….and you could misread him thinking he is belittling you cos you are older.

    The age gap is not much….not sure if that would make him check out younger girls in future…you just need to make sure you look smashing and fun and young at heart…dont act like his mom…be his friend….laugh alot and communicate alot.

    His parents and no one needs to know the age difference…those ones will never understand and that could be a problem…so keep ot withing both of you.

    My dear…you sound like you have a good man….talk to him and discuss the above advise with him…if he is willing to support you as I have advised above….,then both of you will be fine.

    In marriage…no matter the age…he will be your husband…the head of your home…you will respect and acknowledge that…and he will love you inspite of all.

    Wish you all the best.



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