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Long Distance Relationship : Why I Be Lucky Or Unlucky?


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Long Distance Relationship : Why I Be Lucky Or Unlucky?


Good morning from Kenya (not real location). How are you doing. Actually I want to discuss something with you, it’s about my relationship life.

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My last relationship, it not end well ,because my ex’s mum didn’t want the guy to marry me simply because she sees me, that I come from a poor family, the guy too stays  abroad.

Since 2018 still now, I  have tried to move on but that is not my priority thought. My prayer is to get a work to do and support myself and my family. I have tried to move on but it seems, I am not getting the right person.

So right now my main focus is on how to get a job since I am a university graduate, its been about 2 years now …..to cut along story short , just yesterday, my dad, informed me about a friend of his son who is also in abroad. Actually a citizen of Canada (not real location).

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Is like my dad want to link me to his friends son but My fear is -someone I haven’t known and because the guy mum too is saying he want the son to marry a Kenyan lady.

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Is the thing going to work? I don’t like that decision of the my Dad but I don’t know how to turn down his decision… My dad is saying the guys mum want to meet me coming this weekend.

Another thing is, 🤔relationship where a guy is else where ,am scared to try this it again….My previous my relationship, items we bought for marriage are there, they make me cry more …so I decided not go into a relationship where the guy will be out side the country. ..Am confused, please tell me what to do.


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Long Distance Relationship : Why I Be Lucky Or Unlucky?
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  1. Dear sister!
    You are the only one that will decide what to do after all said and done.

    I must be sincere with you when it comes to long distance relationship. It is very exhausting. It will sap you of strength, energy and all. If you must keep the relationship going, then, both of you must work hard to sustain it.

    The sustenance is where the real work comes in. You must be constantly in touch with each other via mobile call, WhatsApp audio and video calls, Facebook and so on. This will work fine if both of you are on the same page. That is, if both of you put in as much efforts and commitment into making the relationship work.

    Problems usually set in when one or both of you start forming too busy to reach out to each other. If the guy has a girlfriend currently, then, there is no way he will give you the needed maximum attention to make things work.

    The other thing is about faithfulness. Both of you are far from each other and you cannot tell exactly what the other person is doing with the opposite sex in his/her location. It’s usually better to care less about how faithful the other is for your own sanity.

    A lot of things are involved in long distance relationship. It must be handled carefully for it to work. If the young man will come home to marry you soon enough, then, the headache will be greatly reduced.

    You said that you are not comfortable with the recommendation your father has made for you. If you cannot tell him point blank that you don’t like the arrangement, then, you may just play along and see how it works out. You never can tell, the guy might turn out to be your dream man.

  2. Hello dear sister, your father has no right to impose any man on you, I repeat your father has no right to impose any man on you,I repeat again your father has no right ro impose any man on you. You said your priority now is job, pl find a job for yourself, you will get a guy while working, forget your father’s friend’s son from abroad, pls forget him. Get a job, and hope you will meet a honest and responsible guy. I repeat again, your father has no right to impose any man on you. I love you sister. I am Akin

  3. Hello,

    Just because your former relationship with someone outside the country didnt work before does not mean this one will not work.

    First…banish fear from your heart , then, get to meet the person first…form friendship and see whether you can both flow with each other

    Next…form a firm bond by calling everyday and praying together on the phone everyday. Also set a time line for marriage

    If possible…discuss if you would be joining him after the wedding…that is…if it progresses to marriage

    Do not fear…just be open minded…ok?



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