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My Sister In-Law Is Wicked & Wants To Frustrate My Life- Pls Advise


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My Sister In-Law Is Wicked & Wants To Frustrate My Life- Pls Advise


I have never hated anyone in my life the way I hate my sister in-law. I live with my brother and his wife that is pregnant. I know pregnant women need care and assistance but her own is too much.

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Since she got pregnant, my brother ordered me to make sure she does not do anything or stress herself. Is pregnancy a disease? I try my best but she is so nasty…always ordering me around and when I don’t do it when she wants it or the way she likes it, she reports me to my brother.

My brother will start shouting at me and saying I am causing trouble in his home. They don’t have house help, so they have practically turned me to house help. I don’t blame them. Its cos I don’t have a job yet. And its a taboo for single girls to be living alone in my culture…so am stuck here until I marry. Living in this house is exhausting but I try my best.

The main thing that my brother’s wife that is making me hate her is that she is also an amebo. So, I have a fiancé, in Germany. My fiancé is from her village…so they talk to each other alot. So, all the things that happen in the house…especially the one that causes issues between me and her, she will tell him and he too will be angry with me.

I got really upset and confronted her. She denied saying anything to him but I do not believe her. I also got upset with my fiancé for believing lies about me. Do you because of that, my fiancé has moved our wedding that was supposed to be this December to April? And the car he promised me, he sent it and said I should not be allowed to drive the car for now…but my brother and his wife drive the car.

This woman is wicked. I feel like she will always not like me and she will influence my fiancé even if we marry…I am tired and no one wants to listen to me. They say I am over reacting. That I should manage her cos of her pregnancy….some say am the one with the issue….Yes, I too can have a temper but she is the one pushing me.

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Why am writing now is, we travelled home this Christmas and there is this guy that I met. He is interested in me. And he is not from our state. He is not as rich as my fiancé though but he is ok. I don’t know if I should give him a chance cos this one that my fiancé can be shifting wedding cos of my sister in-law…maybe, I should just forget about him right?

Yes, he has done introduction. We have been dating for almost two years. Yes…I love him…yes…he sends me money and prospect of travelling abroad is there and all that…but I feel like my sister in-law will always be a shadow over our relationship cos she does not like me and me too, I don’t like her.

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So, should I at least give this new guy a chance? If my sister in-law should find out…she will go and open her big mouth so am being very careful. But am also thinking of my happiness…this new guy is a divorcee sha…with two children. But that’s ok…his children are with their mother.

I know my family may not agree with me cos they all love my fiancé but no one is seeing that my sister in-law is influencing him…they think I am the one that needs to be tamed…am I a wild animal because I speak my mind and because they are all blinded by the innocent look my sister in-law gives them?

They don’t know yet that she is wicked but she is…why will she always be picking on me…please this is 21st century….its either she leaves me alone and my fiancé or I move with this new guy…so, should I keep this new guy a secret …maybe date him secretly until that April …and if things don’t change…I go with him…am just so confused…

Please advise me




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My Sister In-Law Is Wicked & Wants To Frustrate My Life- Pls Advise
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  1. Don’t be stupid abeg. U will date a guy till April and then what??? abandon him for your fiancée. And reignite the vicious cycle of ladies who lead men on only to show them wedding pictures from a third party…

    You even seem to be quite the troublesome one based on your story…we haven’t heard the other people’s version.

    The fact that u are willing to cheat on your fiancée despite the money he spends on you, car he sent to you, introduction his family has done with yours, prospects of living abroad with him and yet, you opened that your mouth to say…”u love him”…is one of the silliest things I have come across this year.

    Miss, please work on yourself and your character. And if you are indeed, innocent as you have specified …your light will shine through.

    Please don’t carry this wicked and silly mentality into 2021. Throwing away your pearls for rubbies in the name of proving that ur sister-in-law is bad.

    What happened to a simple conversation and discussion with your fiancée? To tell him your fears and worries over this matter.

    God forbid bad thing abeg…stop giving ladies a bad name and reputation

    • This is the best advice she can get. From how she’s narrating her story, she seems to be the problem honestly. Her temper won’t allow her settle down. What of her husband’s people,she intends to be back here for advice again if she continues with this character. Anyway,hope she needs to this advice.

  2. Nne learn to control your temper oooo,I beg you in the name of God. You will do no such thing by dating a divorcee,stick to your fiance and marry him in April,learn to be at peace with your sister in-law,e get why ooooo. Even if it means doing like mumu till April please do it so that you can leave her house and be at peace with everyone, biko nne. You must not marry with that your temper o ooo,tell God to help you.It is well with your soul

  3. Calm down sis. First don’t see you helping your sister in law out as a burden. You are sowing seeds. Considering how influential she is in your relationship, then you should learn to get along with her. See her as your elder sister, treat her well, help her, be good to her.
    Don’t rush into any relationship in anger, you will be making a mistake. Marriage is not about you and your husband, you will have in laws around to. You must learn to manage people. People will always put eye in your matter whether you like it or not. How are you going to deal with that? Learn patience and humility. It will help you a lot.
    Draw closer to your sister in law and work your relationship out. This will also put you in good light with your brother.
    Drop the hate, try peace. It won’t be easy but it is possible.


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