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Why I Broke Up With My Fiancé This December-My Feelings Got Carried Away-Pt 1


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Why I Broke Up With My Fiancé This December-My Feelings Got Carried Away-Pt 1


I need advise. Please keep me anonymous. Its been a whole month this happened and I prayed and thought this would go away cos it was a mistake but it appears its not. So, I broke up with my fiancé of almost two years on the 27th of December 2020. Two days after Christmas…it was a very tough and painful decision but I had no choice…

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You may think something is wrong with me when I finish telling you why I broke with him. We have been in a nice relationship for almost two years but I have been having a secret crush on colleague for almost three years. Yes…he is such a handsome man ….married with beautiful children.

I used to admire his beautiful family and wish I had one of mine like him. Working was ok with him…he used to play with all of us in my team…and I know we all talked about how good looking he was. But he is also a very focused man…adores his wife and not the type that flirts or cheats.

Our company was awarded a training in October last year to audit a big company with branches all over the country. We started the exercise with different teams being sent to the different branches. The deadline was that we must finish the auditing before November 30th…the company year end…so we were all travelling alot.

One of those trips, myself and my colleagues made, we had an issue with the hotel we we lodged in. Politicians had paid off the hotel so they gave out some of the suites we had earlier booked. So we had to split. Some of us had to go to another hotel. Myself and that my colleague went to another hotel.

I got a room that had some issues.my AC was not working properly….I also saw some bugs around the room…and we were having a deadline on our report …we needed to work that night to meet up with the deadlines…we agreed to work in his room…we had enough work…no one was thinking of sleep that night …so it made sense to come to his room.

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We got to work and we were even working remotely with the other team in the other hotel. When sleep came, we ordered for coffee to try and stay awake. We worked until almost 4am that night…I wanted to rest my head a bit and he advised that I sleep for like 30-4omins….which I did.

I woke up like almost 2 hours later…checked the time…it was almost 6am. I looked around…he was not around me…I called out his name… no response…I then felt pressed and went to use the bathroom…on getting there….I opened the door and found him there watching porn and masturbating….

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I rushed out shocked…went straight to my room to ease myself and shower. Got ready for the day’s job. We both kind of avoided looking into each other’s eyes throughout the day. Eventually…we finished for the day…we had reports to churn out again…he asked if I was coming to his room….because of how embarrassed I was…I said no…he kept quiet.

So, I went to my room…we tried to work from each other’s room but it was difficult and we were slow in making any progress like the night before…he finally came to my room…and we worked on our reports together…it was all work until almost one am …he then looked at me and said…please don’t judge me…I masturbate cos he and his wife are not sleeping with each other for almost 3 months.

His wife…his perfect wife cheated on him with his friend and even though he found out and forgave her. He caught her again sending nudes to him. He does not want to divorce her but he feels she is no longer in love with him but his friend who is richer and a womanizer…

Instead of cheating on her…he masturbates to ease his urges….I felt so sorry for him…his wife is very pretty…and am not surprised men would be after her …luring her with money. He is not a poor man but our job does not pay like some other jobs…I found myself encouraging him and some how said…I had a crush on him one time…he was like: serious?!!!…

I should never had said that…but  I was not thinking….I was making conversation…but he also said he liked me alot…admired how I carried myself…did my work…etc…that he used to stare at me when I was not looking…this was when I knew I had to do something to stop this from going further…

Then I got up and asked him to leave cos it was late and the discussion was getting a bit too flirty…he smiled…got up and came very close to me…and said…what if we just had one night of fun…no one would know….he wanted me and I have a crush on him…lets just be free for one night…mistake…

I did not push him away. We had s*x…I told myself…we were just consoling each other….he was lonely…having issues with his wife…I have never done anything like this before but the attraction took over…the whole night…we made mad love.

We had one more night before the project ended…we could not wait to get the hotel and we made mad love like two rabbits…the next morning…


….to be continued(watch this space this evening for the concluding part of this story)

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