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My Sister Is A Disgrace: See How She Has Gone Ahead to Bring Shame To My Family


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My Sister Is A Disgrace: See How She Has Gone Ahead to Bring Shame To My Family

Hello ma,

I need your quick intervention in this matter. Its my younger sister o. She wants to shame the family. My sister is 35 years old. She was engaged to someone for four years and the entire family saw that relationship as leading no where. We told her to leave her boyfriend who kept posting her for several years. He was in Ukraine and kept promising her marriage until we found out that he was dating a white girl who has given him two sons.

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My sister was heart broken but she realized it was over. My wife and I asked her to come live with us as the family was worried that the breakup will affect her so much that she might do something terrible. She started living with us for almost a year now. This girl has been difficult to live with but my wife, being a very understanding woman, keeps begging me to allow her…to continue living with us.

My sister is lazy…does not help out with any chores in the house….all she does is watch TV and eat. We found her a job but she resigned saying it was too far for her. She has been at home doing nothing. I think the breakdown of her relationship made her loose every sense in her head….About four months ago, my wife called me very worried…she said she saw my sister with our tenant, talking and flirting really close.

This tenant of ours is a chronic womanizer. The wife separated from him because of his womanizing. The wife is such a sweetheart…they have 3 children. My wife and myself have been praying for their marriage. We have personally counselled the man to stop all these behaviors and he says he will but he keeps doing it but he now hides it from us.

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For us, to find my sister talking to this man, we were worried. She denied anything was happening with them. But days later, my wife said that my sister has been going to this tenant’s flat. Before we knew it, my sister started going there daily….soon as we left for work, she would go to his flat and spend the entire day. I was livid with anger.

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I warned her to stop this rubbish or I send her packing.  I explained to her that the man’s wife is a friend to us and we are hoping for a reconciliation for them..my sister said she is not the one that chased the woman away …so its not her business….Do you know my sister moved out of our house and moved into this man’s flat? I was so angry…I told my parents…I called my people and told them I had washed my hands over this girl. I called my tenant and he refused to pick my calls.

Why must my sister always find men who are involved to be with…men who will only take advantage of her and dump her…my sister had the audacity to say that if we want her happiness we should stay out of this….is this the only man in the world? Is she cursed or what?

The only thing I can do is give the guy a quit notice but his rent is not due until September. My own sister has decided to disgrace me. I am even a Deacon. She lives in his flat day and night. She has sent message to my folks that the she and the tenant are in love and everyone should back off cos she is an adult….

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How do I explain this to this man’s wife? Will it not look like I planted my sister to come and take away her husband? The woman even sent us happy new year message. I am praying she does not hear about my sister before we can do anything about this situation.

The next thing am thinking is…maybe I should call the police and drag this girl out and give her the beating of her life. What kind of rubbish is this? Please advise me…cos before this girl will disgrace me and my family…I will get police to drag her out and beat the living daylight out of her.

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My Sister Is A Disgrace: See How She Has Gone Ahead to Bring Shame To My Family
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  1. Please leave her alone,by the time she get sense,na she by herself go run 4-40 comot for the house .Please don’t involve the police oooo,just leave her.I release sense upon her by fire

  2. Leave her alone let her continue with that man. You have tried your best as a brother. But explain the situation to your tenants wife. Let her know you don’t support the relationship but it is obvious your tenant is not interested in his marriage. This will help the wife decide on what to do with her life.
    Your sister is blind. I hope it will not be too late before she realizes.

  3. You’re calling a 35-year old a girl? She’s a fully grown woman who is responsible for her life choices. Why will you take her in after a heartbreak? Is she a teenager? Clearly the man is there for rebound and the more you fight it the more you push her to him. Let her be!! Why are you concerned about his wife? And what if she finds out? Seriously the things people worry about in Nigeria is so unnecessary. Your sister is a grown woman, leave her to live her life and make her mistakes. When the man chases her away, please don’t take her in. Let her find her own way?


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