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My Boyfriend Has Never Let Me Down But Prophesy Says He Will Dump Me-Pls Advise


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My Boyfriend Has Never Let Me Down But Prophesy Says He Will Dump Me-Pls Advise

Good afternoon ma,

My name is Peace(not real) I am in a relationship about a year now, I met my boyfriend at my place of work, he is so nice and caring. Everything I have prayed for is what he is, he loves me so much that he is proud to tell people that I am his girlfriend.

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This year, he is planning to travel to Ghana, though before then I have left the work since we started dating because I can’t be dating my colleague. There is on girl at the same work, when she heard that we were dating, she became jealous and was angry.

During that lockdown at the work, they were so close and she could not hold it anymore. She now told my boyfriend that she is in love with him. He was surprised and he came to tell me, I told him that you are the man here. So you have to choose between the two of us.

He was angry with me, that why will I say such a thing to him, that he loves me and will never cheat on me, and he really stood by his words. She was doing everything to get his attention but still did not work, she even left her boyfriend just because of my boyfriend.

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Still, he did not notice her, anything the girl tells him, he will tell me. Even their chat, just for me to know that he is not doing anything with her, but I am still scared…because she will cook, buy him gifts, and all that just to make him date her.

What I am scared about was: on Sunday me and my boyfriend went to my girlfriend’s birthday party, so her guy is a spiritual man, he told that my friend if my guy came back from Ghana he won’t marry me. That, he will look for another girl, that when he gets money, he will change, but I don’t see him to be like that.

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He has not cheated on me once neither has he wronged me, I am cool with him, even with my 2 kids, he his still caring to me and my kids….I don’t want to loose such a nice and caring guy, he told me dat I should wait for him that if he comes back we will get married, before the end of this year…

I am confused…is that man saying the truth? Is he going to change? I have been thinking since my friend told me….pls I need ur help… what should I do?


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My Boyfriend Has Never Let Me Down But Prophesy Says He Will Dump Me-Pls Advise
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