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Ebonyi Governor’s Aide Resigns To Save Her Marriage


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Ebonyi Governor’s Aide Resigns To Save Her Marriage


According to report online, In a letter to the Governor, she said her marriage was on the brink of collapse hence she had to leave her post to work things out at home.

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Deaconess Udeakaji while noting that she had given her full loyalty to the government, pleaded with Governor Umahi to understand her position as her marriage was tearing apart.

Read her letter below:

“I sincerely want to thank His Excellency and her Excellency and the entire Umahi family for the opportunity they gave to mo to serve in this government.

“Thank you so much sir and ma. My resignation is born out of family issues. I have given my 100% loyalty to this government but my family is tearing apart.

“The Bible says, ‘Woman be submissive to your husband”. The Bible also said that two shall become one”. As a Deaconess I am, I have to go back and study my scripture very well. In obedience to these scriptures, I decided to resign and save my marriage.

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“I sincerely and most humbly appreciate all that you have done for me. I am not an ungrateful person and can never be. Please bear with me for my children’s sake. I wish you well in your future political endeavour. Thank you your Excellency and remain blessed.


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