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My Manager Fired Me After I Caught Her Cheating On Her Husband-Pls Advise


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My Manager Fired Me After I Caught Her Cheating On Her Husband-Pls Advise


My name is Jolade (not real name). I am 26years old , just finished my HND, awaiting service cos my school had some issues and so we are delayed.  I decided to get a job in the town. My friend told me a new restaurant was opening around August last year and so I applied. I got a job as sales.

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The IT manager was transferred from the restaurants head office in Lagos. Lets call him Vincent. Vincent is a very handsome guy. Every girl had their eyes on him. He was also very intelligent and friendly. I usually just say hi to him, that is all.

After some weeks, he called me to say he has been watching me. That he sees that I am a decent girl and he would like for us to be friends. I wondered why me of all the girls in the office? He just said something about me is different.

Dating Vincent was a secret because of office policy. But it was a very nice relationship.. He genuinely cared about me, always checking on me…asking me if I was ok…I tried to fix my off days with his own duty off days . We spent alot of our free time together. He was very surprised I was a virgin.

Vincent spoke to me about my future, he seemed very interested in my welfare. He talked about his future plans with me and I was really happy to be in love with such a smart kind and ambitious man. I felt God had answered my prayers.

All was well until towards end of December last year. Vincent all of a sudden started giving me attitude…and before I could figure out what happened, he sent me a message that we should break up with each other. I was not myself…what did I do? I kept asking him,he said nothing at first but he later confessed.

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He said he does not want to pressure me but that he had s*x with someone else. That he feels bad for cheating on me cos he knows I want to keep myself. So, he felt it was best to break up with me. I cried and cried cos I thought I could not live without him,….I called in sick for several days cos I was an emotional wreck for days.

One night, I took matters into my hands. I went to his place and begged him to give me a chance. I was ready to give him my virginity. He deserves it…he has been a great guy to me and I am helplessly in love. I told him he can have me cos I cannot bear to loose him over my virginity.

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Vincent made love to me. A very painful experience but I guess that is how first time is for some girls. I was happy again. Things were going to be like before with Vincent. But alas, something else happened. I started getting into trouble with our manager in the office. This woman started picking on me for flimsy reasons. She insulted and humiliated me at every opportunity.

I shared my concern with Vincent. He promised to talk to her. I wanted to move in with Vincent during the December period but he said his brother would be coming to visit him from Lagos. So I decided to surprise him with food on Saturday after new year. I made fried rice and chicken.

When I got to his place, I noticed his windows were opened but door was locked. So, I went in through the back door,from the Kitchen. I dropped the food in the Kitchen and went to the bedroom. That was when I saw Vincent and my manager having s*x.

I ran out…heartbroken and betrayed. I could not believe I was naïve to give myself to someone who was playing me. Now, I understood why the manager was always picking on me. And the worse is this manager is married with children.

Vincent has been begging me to hear him out. That he is only sleeping with her to get something from her. A car. She promised to promote him and give him a car if he slept with her. He showed me their chats….its just s*x cos her husband is not satisfying her. He said its just temporary…that he wants me to be his wife…

Getting to work two days later, I was fired. I knew this manager was only trying to silence me. I was so angry, sad and upset. Vincent asked me to calm down that he will help me look for another job. This woman took my man and my job away. I want nothing but to revenge her.

I want to expose her to her husband and on social media but Vincent is begging me that he may loose his job if I do anything stupid. Now, I have been mocked and betrayed and abandoned…why should I care if Vincent is fired? I am sure he is still sleeping with her cos she has not given him the car right?

Even though I love Vincent…I think the only way for him to show me he loves me is to leave that woman and even resign from that job to be with me or he is lying to me and I will expose both of them, their affair. I will even write to our head office that Vincent took advantage of me, lied to me and caused me to loose my job because of his affair with the manager.

My reason for writing you ma: please help me share my story. I want to know what people think is the best way to deal with this matter.  Do you think Vincent is telling the truth? Will he be with me after he gets the car? I know he cant marry her cos she is already married…should I be patient and see what Vincent will do after he gets the car or should I go ahead and expose them the way I want to?

Please advise me. I was fired unjustly and on top of that…she is stealing my man when she is supposed to be happily married…I cant just sit back and do nothing….




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  1. Hello sister. You must know sex before marriage is GREAT SIN, cos you were emotional wreck you went all the way to his place so he could disvirgin you…what is wrong with some girls really. You even said the only way he can prove to you he loves you is for him to leave the woman and resign….I laugh,if you ever go back to thay guy then you are a BIG FOOL AND STUPID, sex is so sweet you think cheaters don’t know infidelity is wrong, its good you were heartbroken sister, yes it good, so you won’t ever trust anyone again. I tell people you cant trust human beings, its not even biblical to trust people only love them. He wont leave that woman, sex is a too sweet, pls tell her husband but don’t cause any trouble at your office. DO NOT TRUST PEOPLE, sex is sweet that why they cheat on you and cos they are GREEDY N WICKED. I wish you all the best. I am Akin

  2. The guy is taking advantage of your love,kindly leave him alone,no car for him from the manager, just wait to see him with another lady.

  3. Hmmm
    That dude is a serial cheat,
    I repeat never ever!
    Seek of love from this young man.
    He’s only using you to catch cruise while he is patiently waiting for his next victim.

    Leave him and wait for the right man that deserves you nd your personality.

    As for the exposure allow karma to have its course on both of them.

  4. I am sorry you’re so naive. You went to someone house to disvirgin you ???. You’re more worth than than that. You need to go back to God and confess your sins. And you see that boyfriend and your manager their cain is not in your hand ooo. YOU’RE HAVE BEEN FOOLED AND DO NOT GET YOURSELF IN TROUBLE BECAUSE YOU DON’T HAVE EVIDENCE. Deal with your life before dealing with someone else. Look for job else and don’t sell your self cheap.

  5. Are you emotional stable to be able to deal with the consequences of exposing both of them. They will gang up against you. That is when you will know the true nature of man. I think the lesson for you is to not take hurried decisions. Don’t be pressured in a relationship to do things against your moral values and principles, no man is indispensable.
    You see those two, their judgement is very close and pay back time is close. But for now try and pick your life together.

  6. I feel so pained that you held on to your virginity and let it go in the hands of a worthless man…..

    Love has blinded you ,but I tell you walk away from this whole scene and seek for mercy from God, let this man be the first and last you will sleep with except your husband……I promise you if you walk away you will definitely fall out of love…..stay true to wat is right, get a new job and live your life with purpose …..you will definitely be fine….God will help you…and I will pray for you…..

  7. That guy is not worthy to call a friend not to talk of giving him your dignity. Ask God to forgive you and mend your broken heart. Get closer to God, make all your concerns known to Him and He will help you


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