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My Ex Husband Humiliated Me But Now He Needs Me To Save His Life-Pls Advise


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My Ex Husband Humiliated Me But Now He Needs Me To Save His Life-Pls Advise

Good day ma,

Hide my details. I am scared about what I am about to reveal but I need your advise. Seven years ago, I got divorced from someone I was married to for six years. Throughout the marriage, its was hell. He was a cheat and we were childless. It was the worst six years of my life.

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They said I had ovarian cyst and he my husband had low sperm count. His family was not kind to me. Every we quarreled and everyday he cheated with all kinds of women. I kept enduring cos I was praying to God to give me children and prophecies came that I will give birth to my own children. So, I held on in prayers even despite the daily fights and humiliation.

The straw that broke the Carmel’s back was when one of my husband’s women claimed she got pregnant and they tried to hide it from me, my husband and his family. I eventually found out when the woman out to bed and had twins. That was like a huge slap on my face. The family moved her into our home…I had to leave cos I could not live with that type of betrayal and humiliation.

I moved into my cousin’s place and stayed with her for almost a year. My cousin was not happy how they treated me and she saw how depressed I am. My cousin then decided to take matter into her hands. My cousin went to meet a juju priest and paid him to lay curses on my husband and his mistress.

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I finally got divorced one year later and started afresh. I met a Pastor who was widowed. He got me saved and we dated for almost two years before he and I got married. You wont believe I got pregnant even with the Ovarian cyst and had a beautiful baby girl. My son was born less than two years after.

God took away my shame and reproach. I found joy and true meaning in life. I was happy. After a while, my ex husband sister called me and started shouting ….that God will judge me…that Ogun will kill me,etc…shouting all sorts of abuse. That they have gone to find out that I want to kill their brother. That its me that will die instead.

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I later found out that my ex husband and his baby mama are no longer together. The lady confessed the twins are not his. And since then, my ex started behaving strange. Like someone mental and he is no longer himself. His family had to come and take away and tie him in chains.

They went to oracle and they were told that I placed a curse on him for treating me badly. I never knew the curse my cousin placed years ago was real.I called my cousin to tell her and she said it cannot be undone. That if its undone…the curse will go back to the person who did the curse…which is her.

Ma, I have been praying and fasting and asking God for deliverance…I dont know what to do anymore. I am even afraid to tell my husband. He is a pastor…he will not agree to anything that has to do with juju and he might even be upset with me for getting involved in the first place.

I had to block their nos cos everyday…its threat and calls from my ex family. Their mother has also gone diabolical to try to kill me. All I see in my dreams is evil spirits coming after me. I keep praying and asking God for mercy. But my heart is heavy. Should I tell my husband? How will he react?

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Will he agree that my cousin undo the curse and she herself dies or allow my ex to continue to suffer? I was bitter and hurt before but now, am a changed person. How do I make this right? My heart is truly heavy…I need advise…I cannot really talk to anyone about this…

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Its either my cousin or my ex husband…what do I do…I need help.



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My Ex Husband Humiliated Me But Now He Needs Me To Save His Life-Pls Advise
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  1. Tell your husband please ,there is nothing God cannot do,your sister needs to ask god for mercy,,and let’s pray that your ex gets healed and it doesn’t backfire…..but please the good part is your husband is a man of God ……just let tell him or else his family will bring it to his doorstep and he won’t be happy you kept it from him, because they will not leave you…..

  2. Let not your be trouble, believe in God…

    God can reverse the irreversible but you’ll have to get Him involve.

    Firstly, open up to your husband there’s no point hiding it from him. Let him know what your cousin did without your consent but are you sure, I mean really sure you don’t know about it?

    After telling your husband, give him time to process it too. And have him call your cousin to confess what she did on your behalf without your knowing.

    Then, your cousin must make up her mind to accept Jesus Christ as her Lord and Saviour or else she won’t escape the consequences of what she did.

    Furthermore, you keep praying as well for yourself, cousin, ex husband and your husband cuz this is war now.

    I believe victory is guaranteed. If you follow the directions of the Holy Spirit when He reveals what to do to you or your husband.

    God bless you.

  3. Please tell your husband. This is a spiritual battle. Your ex husband’s family will stop at nothing except by the power of the Holy Ghost. Two are better than one, so the Bible says. The Bible one will chase a thousand, two will put ten thousand to flight. So agree with your husband and shame the enemy


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