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5 Long Distance Relationship Problems and How to Fix Them


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5 Long Distance Relationship Problems and How to Fix Them

Let’s imagine that you found the love of your life. Everything around your love relationship is perfect. You laugh a lot, go to different places, talk about different things, etc. However, in one moment, life starts to separate you too. For instance, you got a good job opportunity in another state that is many miles away from your home. On the other hand, it may happen that you got the chance to educate at a prestigious university far away from your home.

These are those strange moments when life puts us on a test. Everything seems perfect, and you finally got the chance to start a journey to some big goals. However, leaving your partner is going to be the toughest decision of all. Because of that, couples decide on continuing a long-distance relationship.

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People have different opinions about this type of love relationship. Some people claim that the couple won’t make it to remain loyal. On the other hand, others believe long-distance relationships are proof of true love.

We don’t want to say that these relationships are easy. There are many things both parts won’t like. Besides, imagine how it looks when you can’t even kiss or touch your soulmate. That is the reason why we want to talk about long-distance relationship problems and how to fix them. Giving up on everything you two have been building for years is not the only option you have.

  1. Lack of Subjects You Two Can Talk about

For the first two or three months, something like this is not going to be the problem. You will still have some subjects to talk about. At least, you will start talking about the memories you had before one of you moved to another country. Yet, after four or five months, this starts to be a problem. The conversations are going to repeat which will make things more monotonous.

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It is essential to prepare yourself for something like this. That is the reason why you should grab a pen and a piece of paper. Write down at least ten questions you would like to ask your partner. Despite that, suggest your partner do the same thing. Try to be as creative as possible each time when you start a conversation over Skype, Facebook, or any other social media.

Despite that, it would be great to write down everything that happened to you each day. You can talk about those things with your partner and make the conversation more entertaining.

  1. Don’t Talk Too Much

This and the previous problem are somehow connected. Couples usually get used to spending time together every day. However, while you are still together, there is a big chance you were not spending time alone. You could go to different places, meet different people, etc. Unfortunately, this time, these options are not available to you.

We understand the desire to spend hours on a phone or in front of the laptop every single day. However, that will make your conversation even more monotonous. Let’s say that one of the partners is working for 8 hours a day. After work, he or she plans to spend the next 5 hours talking with the other partner. That means nothing new is going to happen in the life of one of those two partners. It doesn’t need to surprise you why there is nothing new you could say.

Your conversations should not be too long. Instead of that, you should chat or make a video call for only one hour every single day. Talking too much will only make nervous both of you. You will start to argue for no reason which often brings bad results.

  1. Not Having S*x
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Sorry if someone feels inappropriate when reading this. However, s*x is one of the main problems that long-distance relationships have. There are not many things we could say here. Sleeping with your partner will only be available to both of you when one of the partners visits another one. Instead of that, you should talk about it over messages or use the benefits of video calls. We are not going to make an in-depth analysis here because we are sure you understand what we are saying. It may seem strange at the beginning, but if you two believe in each other, there is no reason to avoid that option.

  1. Waiting for an Immediate Answer
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Let’s imagine that you live somewhere in Eastern Europe and your partner moved to the USA. The time difference between you two is at least 7 hours. Expecting to get an immediate answer is not something you should do. First of all, there is probably a good reason why one person went to another country. As we said, jobs and universities are the number one reason. It may happen that your partner is still sleeping while you are at work. After you get back from work, the shift of your partner may start then. Logically, you will have to wait for his/her shift to end, and start a conversation in that period.

Being impatient here doesn’t have any sense. More precisely, it seems that you are feeling insecure about the love of your partner when he/she doesn’t answer immediately. Instead of that, agree on a time when both of you are available to chat or talk. In that case, getting an immediate answer is something both of you can afford to get. If your partner starts answering slowly even in those periods, that could be a red flag for you. It is better to tell you that directly instead of letting you live in an illusion.

  1. Being Insecure in Your Feelings

As we said, being in a long-distance love relationship is a tough process. Some people completely believe that their partner is loyal to them. There are no signs that something wrong is happening. Yet, the bigger problem becomes when a person becomes insecure in his/her feelings and emotions.

Don’t give up on everything if something like that happens to you soon. First of all, you should wait and see if those moments will pass. If not, there is no reason to hide that from your partner. Tell him/her how you feel and say that you don’t want to end the relationship because of the distance. Good communication is the key to solving a problem of this type.


We provided you with the most common long-distance relationship problems and solutions to those problems. However, it may happen that couples won’t manage to handle everything on their own. That is the reason why we recommend you check Remainly. It is the place where you can find different self-help programs where you can check different exercises, tasks, and tutorials. They will potentially help you to find the solution to the problem that you both have.



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5 Long Distance Relationship Problems and How to Fix Them
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