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Dear Married Couples:12 Reasons Why You Are Still An Amateur in Bed


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Dear Married Couples:12 Reasons Why You Are Still An Amateur in Bed

Physical pleasure is as important as it is difficult to attain. While women can have multiple orgasms, they take longer to have orgasms than men do, and it is not a new fact. So, to keep your s*x life balanced and pleasurable, you have to be really good in bed. If you feel that your s*xual desires aren’t being properly fulfilled you are probably missing out on either of the following tips beneath the sheets.

  1. Do not mention having a physical relationship unless the emotional understanding is in a comfortable state

Trust is quite an essential factor for women to have a s*xual urge. Initial attractions will often surge up your desire to get physical, but the libido will lead to disappointment unless you have an emotional balance with your partner.

  1. Talk about it
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Different people have different fetishes, which turns them on. To make your moment of pleasure exciting, you must know about your partner’s fetishes. Talking about your fantasies is a way of showing your s*xual confidence. S*x is as much a mental activity as much as it is physical. It isn’t required to act on your fantasies every time; the mere thought or talk about it might lead to arousals.

  1. There’s a difference between making love and going wild beneath the sheets

While both are required for successful s*x life, the mood for the two is different, and it is imperative to understand your partner’s mood before indulging in the physical action. Knowing the mood helps in having orgasms earlier.

If they are not having a great day and just want to snuggle up with you in the bed, things can warm up after a few kisses, but that will be a moment of passion when it will be required of you to be gradually keeping romance and passion in its entirety.

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In comparison, there might be other days when both of you might be in the mood to try something new and wild. You can then choose to try different toys or positions to spice it up between the sheets.

  1. Be confident and comfortable in what you are wearing

The perfect lingerie is like the ideal setting for the mood. As a woman, it is essential that you are comfortable in what you are wearing to play with it, and that will happen only if the lingerie fits your body perfectly. It is established that men get driven with the desire to watch their female counterparts touch themselves over their lingerie.

So, choosing your s*xy lingerie from Cirilla’s will help you set your game for the night. And men, you can also give your partners the lingerie set you want to see them in. Such gifts are, for sure, a turn on.

  1. Make the first move

A lot of people are attracted to partners who make the first move in the bedroom. Initiating the first step, gives your partner s*xual confidence and demonstrates yours as well. It speaks of your interest in the partner and increases their arousals. Remember that the first move needs to be subtle but should communicate your desire for the night appropriately.

  1. Ace the foreplay
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Foreplay is setting the mood. Human beings are sensitive, so, going from fully clothed to penetrative s*x requires initial moments of arousal. Being good at foreplay makes the later process easier; it increases the excitement. So, make out first. Kissing is usually the initial step. You should love to kiss your partner, with or without s*x. Nothing sets the mood better than a great kiss.

Foreplay can include whispering your desires to your partners, kissing the mouth and the body, and especially their pleasure points, gradually taking off the clothes, oral s*x, and fingering. Foreplays are relative. There isn’t a correct or wrong way to do it, as long it leads to mutual arousals, your foreplay is good.

  1. Keep the worry of your looks for when you put your clothes on
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While it is essential to be confident in what you are wearing to bed, another vital factor to be good in bed is to be confident about yourself. Pleasure is felt, not seen. You might spend some time getting yourself decked up for the night, but once you are in the moment, it is not about how you look; it is about how you feel.

  1. Find the second source of stimulating the process.

It is like the second-best place to give your girl orgasm. It is required to change the rhythm or the flow to increase s*xual excitement and pleasure. Some women like their fingers and toes to be kissed- it arouses their s*xual drive and makes the process more intense.

  1. Experiment

While there will always be something that will suit you best as a couple and sticking to that might also be comfortable, it will seem monotonous after a while. To keep your s*x life fun-filled, you should try different things like reading erotic novels and watching erotic movies together. It not only sets the mood but makes you explore your fantasies to increase arousals. Try different positions and toys to maintain the excitement in your s*xual life.

  1. Be vocal

Being vocal while fulfilling your desire for libido helps your partner reaffirm that you are enjoying it. Not only that, expressing your pleasure vocally increases the arousal and the satisfaction for both you and your partner.

  1. Take control in bed

The best way to show that you are confident in bed is to take control of the situation. As long as you are deriving pleasure for both yourself and your partner by respecting each others’ needs at the moment, go for it.

  1. It doesn’t end with achieving pleasure

Even casual s*x needs some sort of emotion. Making love is as much about pleasure as it is about s*x. Turning to the opposite side of the bed after achieving s*xual satisfaction is a big turn off; it reduces emotional intimacy. It is essential to show emotion, especially after s*x. So, keep on with the light kisses and the cuddling. These are certain tips you can if you are already not doing them to keep the thrill and pleasure in your s*xual life high.



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Dear Married Couples:12 Reasons Why You Are Still An Amateur in Bed
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