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Where Are All The Good Men-I Keep Meeting Wrong Men-Pt 2


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Where Are All The Good Men-I Keep Meeting Wrong Men-Pt 2

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Good morning Ma,

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l would like to give an update of my story in order to encourage someone out there l seek your permission .Greetings to everyone in the group, this is really not a story but an update, l wrote to this group seeking advice some time last year of a puzzling situation regarding a relationship l wanted to involved myself into.

After the advice l decided to let go of the relationship and hit the road, it wasn’t an easy decision to make but it was worthy it l realize l had to hurt my heart to heal my soul.

Thank you so very much for the advice “Zikomo ba Muntu”in my native language in English it means thank you people. Please keep up with the good works you really are saving a lot of lives out there you mighty never know how but thank you.

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l thought it was impossible but l did it with God by my side, my relationship with him is growing stronger each day, just the thought of involving myself with a guy who had issues with his girlfriend ex now, made me feel nasty and l didn’t want that for myself.

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Its a factor that made me not compromise that made me not to settle for less than l deserve. Life happens and things happened but keep your heads up never compromise be you, you are not society and if need be dare to be different and when the time is right God will bless you with your own man husband and it will be worthy the wait.

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Where Are All The Good Men-I Keep Meeting Wrong Men-Pt 2
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  1. Thank God. Keep been you. You deserve the best as God has always given. I pray he keeps this you and him.
    We love you.


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