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1. Agree Together
“Two people will not walk together unless they have agreed to do so” (Amos 3:3 NCV). There is power in unity. Couples should learn to agree together and never to give room for the enemy to strike against their union. Disunity and misunderstanding will not survive in the home of couples that are in one accord.

2. Pray Together
Couples that pray together stay together. Family Altar is very important for marital success. Without a family altar, the marriage vow will shatter. Nothing can substitute the place of the family altar. Don’t just pray alone, pray with your spouse.

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3. Fast Together
Couples should develop the habit of having weekly fast together. You don’t need to wait until there are challenges in your marriage before you began to fast and pray. “But this kind does not go out except by prayer and fasting” Matt. 17:21(AMP). Some stubborn problems will require fasting.

4. Worship Together
Grateful couples are great couples. Couples should learn to worship and praise God together for what He has done, is doing and yet to do.

5. Serve Together
Idle hands are the devil’s workshop. Don’t neglect your spouse while you are serving. Both husband and wife should be engaged in God’s service.

6. Think Together
As a couple thinks, so is their marriage. Your marriage cannot be better than your thought. It is abnormal for the husband to be thinking on the way forward and the wife is less concerned.

7. Plan Together
For every successful marriage, there is an adequate plan. The couple that plans together will excel together.

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8. Dream Together
A dream is an act of imagination of a preferable future. Couples should have dreams for the marriage and should work in unity for its actualization.

9. Play Together
Playful couples are joyful couples. The couple should create time out of their business to play, have fun and create good memories together

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10. Dance Together
Dance has a way of building harmony and strengthen unity. Couples that dance together will be more active and lively than couples who don’t.

11. Exercise Together
“bodily exercise profiteth little…” (1 Timothy 4:8 KJV). Exercising daily/weekly will make a couple smart, agile, and suitable for each other. Daily exercise will combat excess calories, enhance body metabolism and help keep fit.

12. Read Together
A reading couple is a leading couple. A couple that reads together will lead and win together. The couple should read books (either yearly/quarterly/monthly/weekly) that will enhance their personal and mutual growth.

13. Learn Together
A couple should learn new things (skill/knowledge) together. There are always new things to learn to make marriage romantic and fun. Marriage should not be boring; therefore, the couple should attend seminars/workshops/conferences to
boost their knowledge.

14. Write Together
The faintest pen is better than the sharpest brain. The couple should learn to write down their goals, arrange their schedule, and document their plans.

15. Cook Together
Cooking should not just be left for the wife alone. The husband should learn how to cook and prepare delicious meals. Cooking together is one of the interesting parts of marriage. The wife should endeavor to teach the husband how to handle the kitchen altar.

16. Eat Together
Food is very vital in marriage. The moment of eating is a relaxing mood that enhances smooth deliberation and profitable discussion. Eating together helps to build wholeness. The couple should develop the habit of eating together.

17. Sleep Together
S*x is one of the most important aspects of marriage. The surest way to gain control of a man is through the s*x mood. Sleeping together is as important as praying together. Therefore, the couple should yield their body to one another. Romance, caressing, kissing and s*x should be constant and regular activities in marriage. The couple should not deny each other the desire to enjoy s*x.

18. Shower Together
There should always be a regular moment when the couple will have their bath together. Having shower together is fun and good for marriage.

19. Dress Together
Once in a while, the husband should take the responsibility to dress the wife and the wife should do the same for the husband. It is not proper for a third party to correct your spouse’s dressing. Therefore, it is the couple’s responsibility to carefully select and access each other dressing.

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20. Visit Together
Don’t leave your spouse at home while you visit family and friends. Learn to take your spouse along to your family, friends, and other important outings.

21. Build Together
There are so many abandoned projects because of the demise of the owner who failed to inform their spouses. Most of these buildings are left undeveloped and are being occupied by touts while the family of the demised are struggling and suffering to pay house rent. There should be no secret in a godly home. Therefore, the couple should inform each other of the project(s) they are executing.

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22. Give Together
“Give, and you will receive. Your gift will return to you in full…The amount you give will determine the amount you get back” (Luke 6:38 NLT). Couples should develop the habit of giving to the less-privilege, motherless homes, ministries, friends, etc.

23. Save Together
Huge amounts of money exist in some banks, whose owners have died and there are no beneficiaries to claim the money. While the family is living in abject poverty the money remains in the bank and inaccessible, because of the high level of secrecy in many homes. Notifying your spouse of your saving is not a symbol of foolishness but a sign of wisdom, maturity, and accountability. Therefore, couples should inform and support each other to save for the future.

24. Invest Together
There are also so many investments with unclaimed dividend, whose owners have died without notifying their spouse/children. It is very inappropriate to venture into any investment without notifying your spouse and ensuring proper documentation. Therefore, you must carry your spouse along on any investment decision. That is why it is essential to marry someone you can trust.

25. Spend Together
Both husband and wife should learn how to plan their expenses and decide on which expenses to be incurred and the one to suspend till a later time.

26. Walk Together
A couple should develop the habit of taking a stroll together. Walking together builds tolerance and acceptance of each others’ weaknesses and strengths. Also, walking together helps to get familiar and comfortable with each other.

27. Talk Together
Talking is an act of building feelings and emotions. Whoever you talk to most of the time will be the one in charge of your emotions. Couple that talk less will have little or no empathy for each other. Little wonder the root of most crashed marriages is a lack of regular communication. Therefore, couples should learn to discuss and talk over everything and be willing to listen and understand each other.

28. Work Together
Couples are encouraged to be gainful employed or have a business enterprise. No one should be jobless or idle in a marriage. It is not ideal for a wife/husband to be unable to take financial responsibility, without looking up to his/her partner. The couple should share business/ investments idea, and act on them to save the home from financial challenges.

29. Reap Together
There is time for everything. A time to sow and a time to harvest. A time to plan and a time to execute. The couple should not deny each other the joy of reaping what was planted together. I pray that no one will take your place on your day of joy in Jesus’ name.

30. Parenting Together
Most couples are failing in the aspect of parenting because of the wrong mindset of leaving the children for the mother to train. It is not the sole responsibility of the wife to take care of the children. Parenting is a joint responsibility of the couple. Therefore, the couple must join hands to raise, build, guide, develop, and discipline their children to be godly, responsible, and successful. May you not fail in your responsibility as a parent in Jesus’ name.

Thank you for reading! You can share to bless other couples or intending couples.

Your marriage shall be fruitful and your effort will not be in vain in Jesus’ name. Amen







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