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My Life Will Be Worthless If I Don’t Run Away From My Husband-Pls Advise


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My Life Will Be Worthless If I Don’t Run Away From My Husband-Pls Advise

Good day,

I am faced with a hard decision. My name is Shayo (not real name). I am 23 years old. But  I look older than my age because of my situation. Married with a son. I got married not on my own will but it was the choice I had to make. I was married off by my dad to a man old enough to be my father, more than three times my age.

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I lived with my aunty since I was 10 years old. My mother had me as a single mother. She claims she does not know my father but I think she is lying. So, for her to remarry, she left me with her elder sister since.

My aunty and her family never forget to remind me how much of a burden I was to them. I stopped school at age 16, SS 2. No money for WAEC. I became full time sales girl in my Aunty’s canteen. That was where I met my husband. He was a regular customer.

He took a liking to me and promised me that he will sponsor me if i married him. At age 18, I married this man who grown children my age but his wife was in the village. I became the town wife…he kept his promise and I did my WAEC, passed and I got pregnant …

I stayed back to raise my son. When he was 3 years old, I got admission for my OND. To do part time schooling here in Oshogbo. But I could not go because my husband suffered a stroke and erectile dysfunction… since then, he has not been able to perform s*xually.

I feel bad for him but for his age, he is 63 years old. I tried to keep faithful to him but being a young woman, my mates are not even married…I see them living their best life with their boyfriends…I get tempted alot..lots of young men trying to toast me but I still keep being faithful.

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My issue is that despite the fact that I am faithful to my husband…he feels because he is not performing his duties, that I am chasing young men around. He gets really protective and jealous and questions my every move.

Anytime I talk about going to school, he gets angry…he wants me to be taking care of him now that he has stroke…although he is getting better…I think he thinks I will be meeting men in school, that is why he does not want me to do my program. I feel really bad cos I only married him for the opportunity to go back to school. If I cannot …then there is no use staying in this marriage.

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I dont know what to do cos I got no one to help me. I cannot go back to my Aunty or my mother cos they washed their hands off me years ago. My husband is not active,I am not in school anymore and I am just 23years old…I dont know what the future holds…

I want to run away but I dont know where to go to…and I have a son to think of…I thought of leaving my son with my husband’s wife in the village …then I can go look for job maybe in Lagos or Abuja…my secondary school friend one is in Lagos…but I am scared…this is not how I want my life to be…no education…no money …no real husband…

I feel if I don’t take a step now…it will be too late. Many girls have done it before…that is…run away from their husbands…I won’t be the first…I feel I have no choice if I want to make it in this life…I can come back for my son later…please advise me…I need your guidance.




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My Life Will Be Worthless If I Don't Run Away From My Husband-Pls Advise
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  1. Pls leave that man. You didn’t choose to marry him, you were forced to marry him. Dear sister pls LEAVE HIM and don’t give your son to the first wife, pls don’t try it. You must take care of your son yourself. Listen to 92.3 fm inspiration fm on thursdays 8pm a program wives round table, they discuss women issue. So listen and get there No and call them they will help you. GOD bless you sister. I am Akin

  2. Please leave him and purse your future u can back 4 ur son wen u have something doing ,ur life is also at risk please let go of dat marriage.


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