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We Needed Help Around The House & Now, I Am Worried About The Nanny


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We Needed Help Around The House & Now, I Am Worried About The Nanny

Good Evening ma,

I just want to thank you for all the work you do to help marriages. I have gained so much being here. I just have a small issue and I need advise. My husband and I are doing ok. We have issues sometimes but we manage to resolve it like most couples do. The issue now is, I recently got promoted to head a new branch of our company in Ota.

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The job came with a car and driver so I try to leave very early in the morning. I wont lie, its not been very easy. My husband tries to support but he too has his own job that us demanding.

Against our initial plan, we had to get a nanny and house help to help us. I interviewed several of the young ladies that was recommended to us but my spirit did not go well with them. My colleague who I confided in, now told me of a lady that her mother used to have as house keeper.

That this lady has been with her mother for 9 years. Says she is a grand mother. That her mother has gone to UK so they don’t need her again. I was happy cos this means, the woman will be experienced and has good reference.

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When this lady came to us, it was in the evening so I really didn’t notice anything. I only thought she was a fat lady. I was just too happy to have her…help at last. The woman moved into our guest bedroom. The next morning, she was up, helping get everyone ready for school. The kids loved her…called her grand G. Her name is Glory.

It was like until 3 days later, a Saturday that I noticed. This our grandma G is a very young grand ma. She had her children when she was 16. she is a 39 year old grandma. And she had a very big bottom. Now, that is my problem. Her behind is so big that when she passes, even me as a woman…I can’t help but stare.

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This is making seriously uncomfortable. I have caught my husband too staring at her buttocks. I know it may sound crazy that I would be worried about a grand ma…but this one is different. I don’t know if I am being paranoid that is why I decided to ask you and others.

I told the my colleague who recommended her to me and she says I have nothing to worry about cos even though this woman has been with her mother for so long, she has never been known for a flirt. Well…mine is different…her mother didn’t have a husband to worry about,….I trust my husband but I feel like I am putting him in an uncomfortable situation.

I tactically asked my husband what he thinks of our new help. He says oh…shes is ok…I could not read any thing from his answer but I think he knows why I am asking him cos he seemed a bit uncomfortable.

Another thing is, I have begun to notice grand ma greets my husband very well. I don’t like the friendliness. Am I reading too much into this? I think I am just uncomfortable. Should I send her away? She did not know do anything wrong. In fact…she is really helpful…feels like she is actually taken over my house. Before I do anything…she has done it.

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Ok…so what do I do…do I relax and leave a big bum grand ma around my house especially cos I am not home most times or should I fire her and have my peace of mind…I am just so worried….has anyone been in my shoes before…how did they handle this? I dont want stories that touch o…before I will blame myself for bringing in a woman to tempt my husband…please advise.



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We Needed Help Around The House & Now, I Am Worried About The Nanny
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  1. Madam madam you wanted a house assistant and you got a good one that is even helpful and now you are worried about her backyard and behind. Nne biko if you know you are not comfortable with her around your house ngwa ask her to go,case closed. This life no balance at all, out of all the ones you interviewed you didn’t like any,now you have gotten one that is helpful and loved by even your children, you are complaining of her big yansh. Udo

  2. My sister, big yansh is everywhere, beautiful girls are everywhere, etc. All you need is trust and peace of mind. But if you can’t trust your husband to be faithful, or your mind is not at rest, then let the Nanny go. It doesn’t mean you are bad, you are just being careful.

  3. If actually you are not comfortable with it I would advise you to tell her to go bcs she is a woman and you have a man at home
    This alone has shattered many home today
    Whether you are overly concerned or not it better do what you mind is telling bcs I can rightly tell you that even God and the Angels will be happy you did that

  4. Hmmm
    Follow the discernment of thy heart young lady,
    If you are disturbed and unstable because of a lady with huge behind, then fire her and have your peace of mind.

    Secondly if you feel unrest because of the lady’s massive Ukwu, it’s either you quit your job and focus your attention on your husband and kids or you.

    Prevention is lot more better than sourcing for cure.
    Wahala no dey finishfinish inside life!
    Just do the right thing and find self rest!

  5. Follow your peace of mind ……..don’t continue a path you ain’t sure of the outcome….. Before story will come up, close the chapter and find another way……its your home so decide dear and keep your home from any negativity

  6. Yes, it’s very good the way she was observant and trying to take precautions. It’s abnormal to nominate the cat as chief security officer in a city of fried fish.
    However, if you still need her services, you can allow her to be a live out nanny and housekeeper. She comes only when you are around and available in the house. Does her daily schedule and leaves back to her own place
    Get a good school to fix the children and here you’ve solved the twin problems at one go. Okay. Moreso, you can fix a CCTV camera in the house. Moreso, try as much as possible to always serve your husband his food, thereby creating an artificial space between them. Not that you become a spy master monitoring your husband’s every movement. Just be very observant and careful.

  7. The issue is not you trust you husband, trusting people only leads to heartbreak. You think if he cheats on you he will confess, you yourself said it that you are putting him in an uncomfortable situation and it’s true. My sister bible said in psalms and proverbs not to trust anyone. Is it until you are heart broken when you find out your husband has been cheating on you. Pls send that woman away, we always to emotional instead of realistic. She will get another job another place so pls send grandma away. Opposite sex attracts feelings from each other.


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