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Cancer: How God Healed My Wife


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Cancer: How God Healed My Wife


Testimony To The Glory Of God

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I am sharing this testimony with you to encourage someone believing and waiting for the Lord to remain steadfast.

For sometime now my spouse has been battling with cancerous growth around her breast. To cut long story, she was on chemotherapy last two years and after then it was one drug to another.

Last year 2020, she started developing serious pain around her left armpit and it got worse as the runs down. The pain around her armpit was so much that we just didn’t know what to do again. That evening we were having our devotion and I was led in my spirit to tell the kids to pray specifically for her. We continued like this for the next two days, laying hands on her specifically and declaring God’s healing on her.

I noticed the fourth day she slept well with no complain of pain. So I didn’t ask her, because at a point I just asked less, because of the emotional stress I often try to suppress. After a week she called me and showed me her chest, but the scary lumps was gone. Also, the excruciating pain around her armpit was gone as well. I am returning all praise and glory to God Almighty.

God indeed does answer prayers. I never visited any prayer house or miracle centre. I am not much of a church goer or a prayer warrior. I am not saying observing those things are bad. What I’m saying is; if you believe in Jesus Christ in your heart and confess Him as Lord and savior, then you are a child of God and have every access to God Almighty as well.

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God also saves me from a serious financial burden in one of the worst time of the year 2020. I truly do not deserve this divine intervention and truly no body does, but the Lion of the tribe of Judah has prevail and overcame for me and you . Be encouraged, shalom!


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